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Review – The Collective Season 2

The Collective Season 2 (Series)
(Authors are listed below by each title)

This review is from: October 18, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads) Due to time constraints I was only able to read 1/2 of the season, the other 1/2 awaits in my TBR-enjoy.
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Eight authors eight standalone novels. The Collective is an epic crossover series that interconnects and weaves a storyline taking you on a thrill ride of deceit and deception. Can you figure out the answer before the very end?

Ensnared: The Collective Season Two, Episode 2
Author: Leona Windwalker
Genre: Male/Male BDSM Romance


Everything I ever wanted to know about Japanese/American culture. But seriously, Leona Windwalker brought me into a world I knew nothing about and I was transported there living the life with Hisoka. She has a gift with words.

Hisoka Tsukuda has to pick up his life, move away from his family, find a new job and place to live all due to a creepy ex-lover/Dom who turns stalker in the second book of this series. Getting Hisoka‘s new life on track, his new job, where he eats, shops, whom he meets takes up a large chunk of the story, which may seem irrelevant, but don’t let it fool you. Pay close attention because as you continue reading the other books you may remember clues from Hisoka’s new life and those clues may help you solve the case.

Swayed: The Collective Season Two, Episode 4
Author: Erin Trejo
Genre: Mafia Romance


Erin is the queen of writing a gripping, disturbing love story. One where bloodshed and murder surround a blossoming love story and instead of cringing you still root for the couples love. She is able to shine a light on their very, very dark souls and yet you still root for them.

Neither Luciana nor Nico were looking forward to their arranged marriage, but as with most things when dealing with the mob, neither had a choice. What neither expected was to actually enjoy the other’s company once the deal was done. Luci turned out to be everything Nico never thought possible and yet everything he needed. Nico was exactly what Luci had never wanted, but he completed her in a way she never allowed herself to dream. Now if they could just sway the rest of the mafia to think like they did then life would be living on easy street.

Trust: The Collective Season Two, Episode 6
Author: Riley Edwards
Genre: Detective Suspense Thriller Romance


Riley Edwards is a master at writing a suspenseful novel. Trust is filled with action, twists and turns.

The city is under siege and things are going downhill fast. Each book has been building upon the other, layer upon layer, have you picked up on all the clues? If you read last seasons series you know sometimes the clues can be deceptive. Trust delves in deep with characters from last season. We met Logan Reid and Ava Kelley in book 1 last season along with their family and friends. Trust focuses on their best friends Aiden “Mac” Mackenzie and “Laura” Harper Russo. Mac and Laura have been playing with a D/s relationship for several months although it’s clear that Mac wants more and Laura isn’t willing to give more.  We learn she is on the run and doesn’t have a real life to give anyone. When reality comes knocking and it’s finally time to say goodbye to the best thing she’s ever known, she finds out the hard way just how stubborn Mac can be and he isn’t going to let her go without one hell of a fight. Thankfully Laura wants Mac to win this one.

There are a lot of clues to be picked up along the way. Are you keeping track?

Redemption: The Collective Season Two, Episode 8
Author: Ellie Masters
Genre: Contemporary Romance


I love Ellie Masters’ contemporary novels. They are lush, steamy and just darn good.

As the city falls to pieces Jennifer Galloway, a paramedic for San Francisco, has been there to help the victims. From the death of an innocent child that seems to be a catalyst to the riots, to a tenant in Hisoka’s building who was suffering a heart attack, to treating a wounded Aiden and so on and so forth. Jennifer has borne witness to it all. Therein lies the problem with her very story, bearing the burden when she seems to have a problem with bearing her own children.

She and her husband, Patton love one another very much, but have had trouble sustaining a pregnancy on top of additional losses that continue to surround them.  Love may not be enough to get them through their troubled times. With the very city falling into chaos around them it only seems right that nothing else is right in their world either.

With a war on the brink, the city in chaos, and people in an uproar what will become of San Francisco? No one is safe as corrupt politicians and dirty cops rule the street. A child’s death puts targets on the backs of those in law enforcement and sets two cities ablaze with riots. When the police chief’s daughter is kidnapped amid the chaos, will the Collective solve the case and rescue her in time?

Find out when you read The Collective, Season 2

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