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Cover Reveal – Shopping for a Baby’s First Christmas

Title: Shopping for a Baby’s First Christmas
Series: Shopping for a Billionaire #15
Author: Julia Kent
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Holiday Novella
Cover Design: Clarissa Yeo, Yocla Designs
Release Date: December 6, 2018


My mother wants all her kids and grandkids to spend Christmas Eve at her house and wake up on Christmas morning together.

Sounds reasonable, right?

And it would be.

If it weren’t my mother.

My husband, Declan, is protesting any involvement, though he’s openly intrigued by the idea of claiming his territory by suggesting we have sex in my childhood bed.

And by ‘suggest,’ I mean make a series of really hot offers that make me whimper when I have to say no.

Wait – why am I saying no again?

Mom has turned her house into a Christmas showcase that makes Frankenmuth look like the picked-over clearance rack at Target on December 26. You know those crazy people on Etsy who make felted gnomes out of belly button lint and use … a certain kind of hair… to make thatched roofs on little decorative elf homes?

Those people are saner than my mother.

There is no force of nature stronger — and more emotionally volatile — than a fifty-something grandmother determined to create holiday memories.

Wait a minute. Maybe there is.

My husband.



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“Mmmmm,” I hear myself purring as I open my eyes in the big king-size bed at our Victorian B&B here in the Berkshires. A bed that I can stretch out in, because I smell coffee from afar and Dec isn’t between the sheets.
Neither is our seven-month-old daughter, Ellie.
I have the entire bed to myself. I might be married to a billionaire, but when you’re the mother of a clingy baby, this right here is true luxury.
A whiff of cinnamon accompanies that coffee and now I wonder if I’m dreaming. My naked body rolls against the high-thread-count Egyptian cotton and my legs are smooth. As I stretch, I realize my nipples are free. No one is touching me.
This must be a dream.
In real life, there would be a baby babbling “Da da da da da” in tones that either mean happiness, terror, hunger, or plain old pay-attention-to-me-now-because-I-am-the-center-of-the-universe, you-underling.
But not now.
In real life, there are always busy fingers exploring my ears and pulling my earrings and poking into my my mouth when I try to talk on the phone.
And in real life, little teeth bite down, hard, when my milk runs out.
So I must be dreaming, because as I open my eyes, a handsome, hot, endlessly naked man is smiling at me, hair tousled over his forehead as he holds two steaming mugs of coffee and says in a low, happy voice, “You’re up!”


“Here,” I say, shaking the shirt free of cat hair. “Sounds like someone’s getting ready for carols.” A few piano notes drift up the stairs.
“Carol’s already here,” Dec replies as he sets Ellie down on hands and knees. She promptly crawls over to the trash can, which is, thankfully, empty.
“Not Carol. Carols. Christmas carols.”
He freezes, arms up in the sleeves, about to pull the shirt over his head. Ah, what a pose. The fire downstairs isn’t the only thing heating up in this house right now.
“We have to sing?”
“Of course! It’s tradition!”
Ellie knocks the trash can over and claps for herself, looking at us as if to say, See what I did? Give me my gold medal.
Flesh show over, Declan finishes pulling on his shirt. I burst into laughter at the vision of my husband in horizontal green and white stripes, green piping around the neck and cuffs of his pjs. I’m in red and white, and so is Ellie, with a big white snowflake on her butt.
“What’s so funny?”
“You look like a piece of hard candy.”
He grabs my hand and puts it on his crotch. “I could give you something to lick.”
“DEC! Not in front of the baby!”


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men’s room toilet (and he isn’t a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three sons in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.


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Review – In Her Space

In Her Space; The Stars Duet #2 (Series)
by Amie Knight (Author)

This review is from: November 10, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

In Her Space took so many twists, I never suspected the turns that Amie Knight took me on. It was filled with emotion and a journey that ended with enough heart to make the duet a memorable ride. The entire duet is very emotional and both books cannot be read alone, they complete each other. Beautifully written with all the feels.

In Her Space is a continuation of the Stars duet. Ten years have gone by and things have drastically changed in the lives of Liv and Adam. No longer governed by the rules of parents, bedtimes, and homework they are now young adults who have been forever changed by the events that took place while once dreaming beneath the stars.

After the horrible night when she witnessed the love of her life being beaten and she was sent off to boarding school, Livingston Montgomery has tried to leave the past in the past. She no longer is the idealistic dreamer wishing upon the stars, but instead is a realist trying to function day by day. After ten years she’s moved back home, landing the perfect job, strangely enough at the very place Adam worked ten years prior. Aside from walking through the ghosts of memories past, Liv loves her job and does her best not to think of the man she hasn’t heard from once in the past decade.

Adam Nova spent three years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He spent three years wondering and waiting for a word from the girl he loved. Was she okay, was she missing him, would things ever be the same? Three years came and went and Adam had his answer. He spent the next seven building his empire and plotting revenge. He would never be in the same position again, at the mercy of others. Ten years went by and he returned, ready to take down those who took away everything, but one look at the girl he shared the stars with and Adam only wanted to be in her space.

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