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Review – Engaged to the EMT

Engaged to the EMT; Blue Collar Brothers #3 (Series)
by Piper Rayne (Authors)

This review is from: November 26, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Enemies to Lovers/Fake Fiancée/Old High School Crush

This adorable romcom is filled with just enough sweet and tender to swoon for Luca Bianco, the perfect dash of chemistry between Lauren and Luca to make my cheeks blush and the right amount of splash of “it’s never gonna happen” to make it a page turner until the very end.

This is the third book in the Blue Collar Brothers series by Piper Rayne. As the baby brother in the Bianco family Luca has never felt the need to rush into any relationship long term, he’s has his older brothers to carry the torch for that responsibility. However, with his mother now having heart surgery her approval, or more like disapproval, over his lifestyle hurts more than it should. To make sure she doesn’t go under the knife saddened over his state of bachelorhood he does the one thing he never thought he’d do – propose to the girl of his mother’s dreams, Lauren Hunt, the girl who hates his guts.

Lauren spends quite a bit of time with the Bianco family due to the fact that her best friends are dating the oldest Bianco brothers. Unfortunately, that leaves Luca the single Bianco, the bane of her existence, available much of the time to tease and taunt her just like he did beginning back in high school. As much as she detests seeing Luca, she does love her best friends so she puts up with his goading. What she never saw coming was when Luca suddenly popped the question, and I’m not talking, “would you like to go for pizza?” kind of question, I’m talking the BIG question, the mother of all questions, the forever kind of question – or in this case – Will you marry me until my mother’s health improves kind of question. So, it isn’t exactly romantic or even that Luca suddenly falls insta-in-love with Lauren, but perhaps she might just need him to get her out of a pickle just as much as he needs her.

The two grapple with the hole they’ve dug as they fall deeper and deeper into the mess they both create. What do you do when you suddenly find yourself having feelings for your fake fiancée? How do you begin a relationship that is built on nothing but lies?

Join the Bianco’s for this steamy holiday read.

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