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Review – Finding Alexei

Finding Alexei (StandaloneExpected publication: January 7th 2019
by Kendall Ryan (Author)

This review is from: December 16, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Finding Alexei is a sweet, knight-in-shining-armour contemporary romance. What I really liked about it though is as much as Alexei Ivan swooped in to save Ryleigh and Emma physically, they in turn saved him emotionally. Hence the clever name of the book. I love good word play.

Alexei “Alex” Ivan is a well known football star, so it’s a bit surprising that Ryleigh doesn’t recognize him, or perhaps refreshing. She doesn’t take advantage of him…at all. As a matter of fact he has to argue with her to help her on pretty much anything. He doesn’t like the fact that she lives in a terrible neighborhood or that she works in a topless bar and when he discovers that her heat has been turned off it’s that last straw in being lenient in allowing her to say “no”. She is coming home with him especially since she is taking care of her roommates 2 month old baby.

Ryleigh doesn’t like asking for help, especially from a stranger, but when Alexei pretty much won’t take no for an answer and she is out of options, she caves in in taking his help, purely for the sake of keeping Emma safe and warm. Ryleigh is in awe of watching a big, strong man handle the infant with such ease since she has pretty much sucked at watching the little girl since her roommate left her in her care. Ryleigh won’t be a burden for long, knowing she has to get back to her own life, but for one night the help is nice.

One night turns into a couple weeks as Ryleigh’s life turns upside down and Alexei integrates them into his life. He finds the more they are around, the more he enjoys their company. He’s having a hard time thinking about what will happen when things go back to just himself.

Ryleigh can’t impose on Alexei forever and Emma’s mother will eventually come back. She knows this and yet she can’t help herself from enjoying every moment she can with the irresistible man.

Playing house may be a dangerous game for these two. What will happen when the play date is over?

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