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Review – Ruthless King

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This morning, the house is quiet and this is the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write in several days. I’m taking full advantage while I can. So without further ado…

Ruthless King; Kings of Rittenhouse (Series)
by Maya Hughes (Author)

This review is from: December 24, 2018 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I ‘d been waiting for this particular book in the Kings of Rittenhouse series and I’ll tell you that Maya did not disappoint when it came to Emmett and Avery’s story.

When trust if broken can it ever be repaired? If you had a second chance with the one you loved and lost would you take it? What if you never had a second chance?

When I say Ruthless King covers all the feels, I don’t say that lightly. This is a story that covers not only a look at the intense feelings of your first love, but the anger and loss over losing it along with the road to how one goes about repairing the damage done to it. Trust is such a fragile thing, given so freely in the beginning of a relationship, but once shattered, it almost seems impossible to repair all the cracks and fissures.

“My heart was carved out of my chest, raw and agonizing and numb all at the same time…. Avery Davis had dismantled me and left me as a shell.”

Right alongside Emmett and Avery’s relationship is another that has been destroyed on a permanent basis. A team member that no longer has a chance to fix his relationship and his girl that is left in heartbreak. Without giving away the storyline, in case you haven’t read the prior book, I love that Maya has included the follow up with Preston and Imogen in Ruthless King. The hard reality that Imogen has to deal with along with the struggling emotions that Avery is facing was an excellent reference to how the heart grieves over the losses in our lives.

“A friend, sibling, parent, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, child – those are all going to hurt in different ways, but none of us can judge which one hurts more. There’s more than enough pain to go around.”

Maya Hughes delves deep into the loss, you feel the torment, heartbreak, and anger; especially from Emmett, for all the years he’s lost in building a future with the love of his life. When things turn around, you once again feel the new-found passion that all lovers share, but you also get that sense of regret for all the time lost over what they missed out on in each other’s lives. They both have a lot of growing to do in their new relationship, they realize they can’t pick up from where they left off, they are older and basically have new lives, as much as they want to pick up the old Emmett and Avery, they both have changed, and they also haven’t changed. They have a lot to discuss about what happened in the past, but they also want to live in their bubble of happiness, you know that bubble…unfortunately the bubble always bursts, what awaits them outside the bubble is not exactly pretty, but have they grown enough to outlast the ugly this time?

If you haven’t read the prequel, The Kings of Rittenhouse, I would suggest it, mainly for the fact that you get a huge glimpse of Emmett and Avery before the breakup. You also get a small taste of the breakup scene, but just a small one, because that is what left me wondering what the heck happened to lovey-dovey-forever-and-ever-Emmett-and-Avery? Myself and the rest of the world had to wait a couple books in between then and now biting our fingernails (also if you haven’t read those either they are also excellent and Ruthless King doesn’t release until January 10th, so you have time to catch up), but it was definitely worth it!!

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