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Review – Flirting With The Frenemy by Pippa Grant

Flirting With the Frenemy; Bro Code #1 (Series)
by Pippa Grant (Author)

This review is from: February 23, 2019 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Flirting With the Frenemy is filled with so much fun and the perfect amount of heart, it’s why I’m continually drawn to Pippa Grant’s books time and time again.

There is almost no better description than Frenemy when it comes to someone from your childhood who tormented you to no end, yet also pushed you to better yourself because you just had to prove to that insufferable being that you were better than all of their constant teasing. (Boy did I see a lot of myself in Ellie)

Ellie grew up with her older brother Beck and all of his friends, but one in particular, Wyatt Morgan, never let her get away with anything. Their antagonistic relationship began at a young age and followed them into adulthood. It was only after a mistake, an evening where they were both trying to recover from drowning in their sorrows of losing their current relationships, that things turned, well, not exactly for the better, but something definitely did shift and their lives did change.

“Wyatt Morgan doesn’t make mistakes. Not twice, anyway.”-Ellie

Months later Wyatt is still trying to apologize for that fateful night, but all Ellie wants to do is forget it. That becomes a problem when Wyatt and his adorable son, Tucker, end up staying at her brothers home at the same time she is. She’s there for her best friends wedding, along with her ex and his new girlfriend. Ellie has a fake date all lined up, but when Wyatt shows up and spoils her plans, she isn’t about to let Wyatt off the hook.

Their antagonistic games begin just like old times. It’s like putting on an old, stinky shoe that fits and his name is Wyatt Morgan. Well, okay…he’s more like a top of the line expensive shoe that hugs your foot and you never want to take off because he actually begins to grow on Ellie, but you get my point. Wyatt Morgan is trouble and Ellie doesn’t know how to handle his kind of trouble.

“Ellie Ryder and me? We mix as well as water and lava.”-Wyatt

Wyatt Morgan on the other hand is visiting for a week with his son, Tucker. This is his vacation and he only gets to see his son a few times a year thanks to his divorce and his ex living across the country. All Wyatt wanted to do was spend a week with his son, digging up treasure, looking for the lost pegleg, and other pirate themed adventures. It did  not involve driving Ellie nuts, not that he doesn’t get some kind of sick joy out of it. What is wrong with him that he actually enjoys pushing her buttons, but he does. However, when Beck calls and asks for his help getting her out of the funk she’s been in for the last several months he has a hard time saying no.

“My brother’s childhood best friend is the only man is the entire universe who can get under my skin and bring out my ugly faster than you can blink, and I swear he takes joy in doing it.”-Ellie

The more they collide, the more he enjoys her company and the more he enjoys her company the more he realizes that perhaps their relationship has always been leading them towards each other. What is he going to do once the week is over?

The silliness, the themed wedding, the friendships make my heart happy. I can’t help but smile when I read Pippa’s books. You will adore everything about this book. I promise.

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