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Review – At the Pleasure of the President by Shayla Blake and Lexi Blake

At the Pleasure of the President; The Perfect Gentlemen #5 (Series)
by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake (Authors)

This review is from: April 2, 2019 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Maddox Crawford is back from the dead!! Well, okay, if you read Smoke and Sin, you already know about that little mic drop, but you need to buckle up and prepare for everything that it means by having Mad back from the dead. This is HUGE and not only integral to the storyline, but Mad is also one of the most emotionally touching characters I can remember reading, possibly ever.

If you are just catching wind of all things Perfect Gentlemanly, go back, start from the beginning and prepare for a fantastic, suspenseful, full of conspiracy theories ride.  You have to read this series in order. Sorry, but also not sorry, because this series is AMAZING!!

At the Pleasure of the President is not just the end of a long journey for the Perfect Gentlemen, but it is the interwoven storylines of Zack Hayes/Liz Matthews and Mad Crawford/Sara Bond. Always close by are other Perfect Gentlemen and their significant others so you are constantly getting splashes of how they are doing. This finale is a mixture of BAM!! OMG!! and WOW!!

We have finally reached the pinnacle where the Russians are ready to make their move. They have been playing a very long game dating back for decades, maneuvering people into place to get whom they want into the White House. What happens now….well, read and find out. I won’t give up any spoilers to this conspiracy theory. (It’s so good).

However, in the game of love…where lies, deceit, and murder are already in play, whom do you trust? Your heart? Your friends? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Can love be restored when trust is broken?

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I was in tears, and more tears, and then more tears over and over again. For a suspenseful novel, this book ripped me apart. Everytime Mad was on the page I was surrounded by tissues. Shayla and Lexi wrote a billionaire playboy that you will empathize with.
I know I don’t have billions of dollars lying around, so that isn’t my point, Mad is self-deprecating, has all the best intentions, loves fiercely and a lot of times shows that love in the worst possible way, but he’s so loyal. I just wanted to cuddle him. Oh, all the tissues. I love his fictional self so much.

Now, the women of Perfect Gentleman; The badas*, strong, probably could have saved the day sooner if their men had given them the information from day one-women. Not only do they complete the men they have found perfectly, but the eloquence, ferocious strength is so admirable, I wish they were a part of my posse. Shayla and Lexi write these brilliant women who don’t shrink from danger, but also know where their strengths lay. We could learn a lot from the blueprints that these women give us to follow. Thank you Shayla and Lexi.

So, again, with no spoilers, because seriously, this book has so much and you need to experience it all, but it’s good. REALLY GOOD!!

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Releasing April 9th

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