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New Release – Shattered Stars by Shari J. Ryan

Title: Shattered Stars
Author: Shari J. Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 4, 2019


“You will lose your memory.”
That’s what a doctor told me at just twenty-nine years old.
My headaches and exhaustion weren’t from overexertion like I thought.
It was more. A lot more.

Despite my unimaginable challenges,
I found love at a time I needed it most.
Layne, a rising star and popular frontman,
was unknowingly singing life into my soul through his allusive lyrics.
I lived and breathed for the mesmeric sound of his voice.

Kismet led us to a kind of love anyone would die for.
However, Layne shouldn’t be stuck loving me after I begin to forget him.
We will once again be strangers, separated by a crowd.
I can no longer promise him a future like the one he vowed to me.

Layne is determined to help me get better.
I’m determined to make him see past my illness.
The outcome … to be determined.

GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43844754-shattered-stars

PURCHASE LINKS – 99c for release day ONLY!!

US: http://1click.bz/ShatteredStarsAMZNUS
UK: http://1click.bz/ShatteredStarsAMZNUK
CA: http://1click.bz/ShatteredStarsAMZNCA
AU: http://1click.bz/ShatteredStarsAMZNAU

Free in Kindle Unlimited

Also available in paperback: https://amzn.to/2FMLA2h


Copyright 2019 – Shari J. Ryan

“Hey! What did you think?” Layne, the frontman, jogs over to us and gives Lexi a hug.
“You guys are insanely amazing,” Lexi responds. “Like, blew us away.”
“Oh yeah?” Layne asks, glancing over at me. Lexi is speaking on behalf of both of us, which gives me a free pass to avoid conversation and just take in the scene, but I feel I need to praise them too.
“You were seriously incredible. I can see why you won that battle.” I just made it sound like they were fighting a war by singing music, but if that’s the worst thing that comes out of my mouth tonight, we should all be so lucky.
“That means a lot, thank you,” Layne says, staring at me as if I look fascinating. Sometimes I feel like my past is tattooed on my forehead and everyone I meet already knows what path I’ve walked along.
Layne shakes his head to the side, shuffling the hair away from his eye. It’s weird that I want to touch his hair. It’s even weirder that he’s been talking to me and I haven’t heard a word he has said. “You okay?” When I refocus on his face, his lip is curled to the side, the side where he has the lip ring.
“I’m so sorry, I think my ears are still ringing a bit. What did you just say?” I ask him, trying to hide the fact that I was too busy gazing at him with imaginary hearts in my eyes.
“I asked how long you and Lexi have been friends?” He combs his fingers through the sides of his hair, pushing the strands away from his face and his piercing emerald eyes. With dark brows and lashes, there’s an immediate pull to his alluring stare. He’s stunning and fascinating. He also asked me a question for the second time.
“Oh, um, we have been friends since we were babies actually. Our moms are friends, so we kind of grew up like sisters.”
“That’s awesome,” he says, glancing over at Lexi, who is biting down on her bottom lip, while staring into Johnny’s eyes. How is it, some of us have the natural born instinct to flirt, while the rest of us have knees that threaten to collapse the moment anyone looks in our direction? It’s not fair. I have no game. Not that I need a game because there isn’t a game I could possibly win with my life trailing behind me like a ball and chain. I love Aly, but I could have given her a different kind of love five to ten years from now too. “Damn, I think Lexi has a thing for Johnny.”
“She does,” I tell Layne, ratting her out like an awful friend. I slap my hand over my mouth, “Crap, don’t repeat that, and I hope that doesn’t bother you … like, I mean, if you have a thing for Lexi.” My foot can leave my mouth now.
Layne’s eyes narrow against his smile, his smile that reveals two perfectly located dimples by the corners of his lips. As the face of this band, he gives the fans a good reason to sit and watch them, but with the music I heard tonight, all the guys could be hideous and no one would care. It only helps that he’s gorgeous and he’s probably turned many local women into rock fans. “I don’t think I have to inform Johnny that Lexi has a thing for him. It seems like he’s gotten the hint,” Layne says. I glance over my shoulder again and yup, Johnny got the hint. Their lips are locked and if steam could release from hot bodies, the smoke alarms would be going off. “And I’m okay with it because Lexi and I aren’t into each other like that.”
“Huh, did they already know each other?” I ask Layne. I thought I would know who Lexi has been spending her time with, but I’ve been a little preoccupied.
Layne shakes his head, looking past me, toward them. “Nope, I don’t think they’ve officially met before tonight.”
“Well, I guess when you have no fears, you do what the moment tells you do, right?” I say.
Once again, Layne seems fascinated by the simple little remark I’ve made, and I can’t understand what it is that is so enlightening about my nervous chatter. “It’s funny you say that about fears. I wrote this song about fears, and you totally just hit the nail on the head.”
I know the song. I know it very well. It spoke to me two years ago when I heard it the first time, and it spoke to me again tonight when I heard it. “I think I’ve heard it,” I tell him, trying to sound casual about my love for his music. In fact, the song we’re both talking about is the song that drew me in as a “Divi-O Groupie.”
“You had heard of it before tonight? We haven’t performed here in a couple years.”
“Yeah, I remember it,” I tell him, biting down on the tip of my thumb.
Layne seems frozen within his star-lit smile and unblinking stare. “It’s my favorite of all our songs, but we were following trends and, you know how it goes. Oddly enough, we’ve been talking to a record label about that song, but I am talking too much and shouldn’t have said that to you, so pretend I stopped talking like thirty seconds ago.” He laughs and covers his hand over his face, showing off pen scribbles across his fingers, weaving in and out of the several rings I saw flashing around while he was running back and forth across the stage with the microphone, pouring his heart out of his lungs.
“Your secret is safe with me,” I tell him. “Now we each have something to forget.”
“Thank you,” he says, tugging at a loose curl beside my ear.
I hold my breathe when his hand comes near me, but it’s gone just as fast, hanging back down by his side.
“I think you got a little pen on your fingers there,” I point out, looking for a way to change the subject away from our spewed secrets. Seriously though … a record label? That’s insane.
“Yeah, I’m a sloppy artist,” he says, admiring his smudged artwork. “I have these three or four lines of a couple songs that always seem to slip my mind so I write them on my hand, but then I end up sweating them off during the show. I think the actual method of writing the words down helps me remember though, so it became a habit.”
Okay so he’s not just drawing on his hand for the sake of looking badass, which is sweet. My heart is already flopping around in my chest like a fish out of water, but I have to toss it back because I can’t take part in this type of lifestyle. Of course, I can’t exactly go anywhere now either since Lexi is still playing tongue tag with the drummer.


Shari J. Ryan is an International Bestselling Author of Contemporary Romance and Women’s Fiction.

She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two young sons.  Shari started her career as a graphic artist and freelance writer, then found her passion for writing books back in 2011. She has been slaying words ever since and creating imaginary friends ever since.

With over 125k books sold, Shari’s books have hit Amazon’s Top 100 bestseller list, Barnes & Noble’s Top 10, and iBooks at #1.  Some of Shari’s bestselling books include Last Words, The Other Blue Sky, A Heart of Time, and Man Flu from the Man Cave Collection.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorsharijryan
Reader Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sharistwisteddrifters
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/sharijryan_author
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sharijryan
Website: http://www.sharijryan.com
Email: info@sharijryan.com


There is a giveaway for a Shattered Stars Gift Box (a signed book + swag) + a $25 Amazon gift card (1 winner, open internationally)


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Teaser Share – Unexpectedly His by Maren Smith

★☆★Teaser Share★☆★
Pirates, Assassins, and roofies… oh my!
But no one said marriage was easy.
Unexpectedly His by Maren Smith … Coming April 9!
Follow Maren for New Release Alerts → http://bit.ly/2NYPvLQ

“I don’t love you, and I’m not getting married.” Especially not to a complete stranger. Famous last words as it turns out. He didn’t even know her real name.
A laugh out loud funny marriage mistake romance.

In Vegas for a cousin’s wedding, the last thing Daniel Fortner is looking for is a marriage of his own. But then Gwen crashes—literally—into his life and suddenly Daniel can’t stop running. She’s a pickpocket, a car thief, a boat thief, the woman who roofied him for his own good, and quite possibly the most fun he’s had in years. He never meant to marry her, but once the bullets and heart-stopping kisses start flying, how can he possibly let her go?

About Maren Smith:
Fortunate enough to live with my Daddy Dom, I am a Little, coffee fanatic, administrator at two of my local BDSM dungeons, resident of the wilds of freakin’ Kansas (still don’t know how I ended up here) and submissive to the love of my life. An International and USA Bestselling Author, I have penned more than 160 novels, novellas and short stories, and am the author of the Masters of the Castle series.
I also write under the names of Denise Hall, Darla Phelps, and Penny Alley.

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The Accidental Girlfriend, an all-new hilarious romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Emma Hart is coming June 25th and we have the beautiful cover for you!


Top Tip: Don’t put out an online ad offering your services as a fake date. Someone will take you up on it.

And it won’t just be for one night.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I ended up being Mason Jackson’s fake girlfriend.

He didn’t even want me to be. No—his sister was solely responsible for me being his date for his ten-year high school reunion.

Now, she’s responsible for telling his parents our relationship is real.

We have no choice. We have to act like this isn’t all a mistake, like it’s not all fake, like we’re totally, completely, utterly, head-over-heels in love with each other.

Simple, right?



Pre-order your copy today!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HQvW8q

AppleBooks: https://apple.co/2uxT9DN

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/TAGEmmaHart

Nook: http://bit.ly/2WDf3S9

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2OxtYdD

Add to Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2VQEBut

About Emma Hart

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.

She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.

Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.

Yes, really. She’s that sarcastic.

Connect with Emma

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmmaHartBooks/

BookBub: http://bit.ly/2Dr0atq

Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2Dq42ez

Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2EBbZNe

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2D91d3T

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emmahartauthor/

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Website: https://www.emmahart.org/home

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New Release – Skirt Steak by Vanessa Vale

Title: Skirt Steak
Series: Grade-A Beefcakes #5
Author: Vanessa Vale
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 4, 2019


Julia Duke has watched her brothers fall in love, and it’s her turn. But after a rude ex complained she was terrible between the sheets, her confidence is shot. If she can’t please one man, how can she satisfy two? She’s not looking for love, but one Friday night — love finds her.

Bennett and Cash take one look at the fiery redhead and can’t resist seducing her into their arms. Nothing will stop them from making her theirs. Not the a-hole ex boyfriend, and not a scandalous past that may change the way she looks at one of them forever.

Now that Julia knows what it’s like to be loved by some Grade-A Beefcake, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her men, no matter who she has to fight to get her happily-ever-after: the rumor-mill, the law, her crazy ex, or herself.

Remember: With a Vanessa Vale book, one cowboy is never enough. In this smokin’ hot series, each heroine gets an extra helping (or two) of Grade-A Beefcake.

GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44292810-skirt-steak


US: https://amzn.to/2FNtQmd
UK: https://amzn.to/2K4EtXo
CA: https://amzn.to/2I6W8Lo
AU: https://amzn.to/2FU8aou
B&N: http://bit.ly/2Eb4GOU
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2SD4xfV
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2GpSPiq
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2Sw1upX


#1 Sir Loin of Beef

US: https://amzn.to/2pHg7WB
UK: https://amzn.to/2Nt0rzM
CA: https://amzn.to/2Nt6eFa
AU: https://amzn.to/2E5fvnP
B&N: http://bit.ly/2xsdFqq
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2NkoYM3
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2OM1Iq4
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2OwLI8a

#2 T-Bone 

US: https://amzn.to/2yo0yqu
UK: https://amzn.to/2OMwhw8
CA: https://amzn.to/2pG8ccc
AU: https://amzn.to/2RwqCZq
B&N: http://bit.ly/2E5WdP0
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2OMxKm8
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2OJKb1P
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2Nq5OiV

#3 Tri-Tip

US: https://amzn.to/2E9Ohdm
UK: https://amzn.to/2DFZSzr
CA: https://amzn.to/2N6yYoT
AU: https://amzn.to/2Ie0dyT
B&N: http://bit.ly/2EDiMtS
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2EDi2ov
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2EEk33W
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2Ex1TQC

#4 Porterhouse

US: https://amzn.to/2U78ieo
UK: https://amzn.to/2HOvVSy
CA: https://amzn.to/2HRsomd
AU: https://amzn.to/2FGg2dn
B&N: http://bit.ly/2GJmdQ4
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2DOg5mz
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2N4VlLq
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2S4JDRQ


Vanessa Vale is the USA Today Bestselling author of over 30 books, sexy romance novels, including her popular Bridgewater historical romance series and hot contemporary romances featuring unapologetic bad boys who don’t just fall in love, they fall hard. When she’s not writing, Vanessa savors the insanity of raising two boys, is figuring out how many meals she can make with a pressure cooker, and teaches a pretty mean karate class. While she’s not as skilled at social media as her kids, she loves to interact with readers.


Website: http://www.vanessavaleauthor.com
Newsletter: http://freeromanceread.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanessavaleauthor
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/iamvanessavale
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2h5ZDG0

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Cover Reveal – BETTER THAN ME by Kimberly Kincaid

BTM - CR banner.jpg

Better Than Me, an all-new steamy friends to lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Kimberly Kincaid, is coming May 7th, and we have the beautiful cover for you!


What happens when Remington’s most notoriously single, notoriously sexy surgeon falls for the one woman he can’t have? Did I mention that she’s A) his best friend, B) immune to his charm, and C) sleeping on his couch for the next six weeks?

Familiarity breeds temptation for Jonah Sheridan and Natalie Kendrick in this steamy friends-to-lovers medical contemporary romance. While part of the Remington Medical world, this book is a complete standalone and can be read as your first Kimberly Kincaid novel, or your twentieth. No cliffhangers, no spoilers, all red-hot HEA!

BTM - PO.jpg

Pre-order your copy today!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2HiMB3n

AppleBooks: https://apple.co/2Tn5MAj

Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/BetterThanMe

Nook: http://bit.ly/2H7lsBj

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2HqgUFc

Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2tWpwM2

Cover Designer: Sweet n’ Spicy Designs

Photographer: Sarah Eirew

About Kimberly

Kimberly Kincaid writes contemporary romance that splits the difference between sexy and sweet and hot and edgy romantic suspense. When she’s not sitting cross-legged in an ancient desk chair known as “The Pleather Bomber”, she can be found practicing obscene amounts of yoga, whipping up anything from enchiladas to éclairs in her kitchen, or curled up with her nose in a book. Kimberly is a USA Today best-selling author and a 2016 and 2015 RWA RITA® finalist and 2014 Bookseller’s Best nominee who lives (and writes!) by the mantra that food is love. Kimberly resides in Virginia with her wildly patient husband and their three daughters.


Connect with Kimberly

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2V66LBB

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2WzKg8B

Pinterest: http://bit.ly/2YzkLWU

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2JRt3WT

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New Releases

Release Boost – Served by AJ Alexander

Against all odds, the bartender gets the girl…
And you can read how in Served by AJ Alexander … AVAILABLE NOW!

Get it ONLY on Amazon!!
Amazon US → https://amzn.to/2JyuvwU
Amazon UK → https://amzn.to/2U3EoqI
Amazon CA → https://amzn.to/2TmJ7iI
Amazon AU → https://amzn.to/2upnqoc

Or read for #FREE in KindleUnlimited!!!


Against all odds, the bartender gets the girl…

The term friends to lovers never ends well, as a publicist, I know it’s a walking headline of a disaster. So when things shift with my long-time friend from college, I’m torn between what feels right and the inevitable fallout.
I’ve given up on finding “Mr. Right,” but Wyatt won’t give up on me; and I don’t know why. Despite knowing better, I find myself falling for him. The gorgeous bartender who’s off limits.

I pour drinks, while other people pour out their hearts. I’m great at giving advice, but following it… not so much. The last time I listened to my heart it didn’t work out so well. I chased it and nearly destroyed my friendship with the girl of my dreams.
I can’t keep bottling up my feelings and I know Heather feels the same, but I know I don’t deserve her I know my time to be with her is limited, but I’m ready to take another shot at love. With her.

ADD TO YOUR TBR http://bit.ly/2BW6n1I

View the trailer for the Odd Jobs series here: https://youtu.be/mmmwvWbdNFM

Stay (Book 1) → https://amzn.to/2Xzz1hF
And read for #FREE in KindleUnlimited!

About AJ Alexander

AJ Alexander is a wannabe psychologist, writer, and author of the recently completed, SEAL’ed Series. AJ’s passion is writing angst filled happily ever afters that have to be earned by her characters. Women with no backbone need not apply. AJ uses sarcasm and an unlimited supply of song lyrics to bring her romance novels to life.

AJ lives in the angst capital of the world, Seattle Washington with her own personal knight in shining armour and her two beautiful girls.

Follow AJ Online!
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Cover Reveal – The Perfect First by Maya Hughes

Title: The Perfect First

Author: Maya Hughes

Genre: New Adult Romance

Cover Design: Najla Qamber, Qamber Designs

Release Date: April 25, 2019




“How long do you last in bed?” Those were her first words to me, swiftly followed up with, “And how big would you say you are?”


Cue the record scratching, what?!


Persephone Alexander. Math genius. Lover of blazers. The only girl I know who can make Heidi braids look sexy as hell. And she’s on a mission. Lose her virginity by the end of the semester.


I walked in on her interview session for potential candidates (who even does that?) and saw straight through her brave front. She’s got a list of Firsts to accomplish like she’s only got months to live. I’ve decided to be her guide for all her firsts except one. Someone’s got to keep her out of trouble. I have one rule, no sex. We even shook on it.


I’ll help her find the right guy for the job. Someone like her doesn’t need someone like me and my massive…baggage for her first time.


Drinking at a bar. Check.

Partying all night. Double check.

Skinny dipping. Triple check.


She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met. The walls I’d put up around my heart are slowly crumbling with each touch that sets fire to my soul.


I’m the first to bend the rules. One electrifying kiss changes everything and suddenly I don’t want to be her first, I want to be her only. But her plan was written before I came onto the scene and now I’m determined to get her to re-write her future with me.




Author Bio

Maya Hughes can often be found sneaking in another chapter while hiding in the bathroom from her kids! 🙂 I’m a romance writer who loves taking inspiration from everyday life, namely my husband and biggest fan. Inspiration also strikes when I hear a song, meet someone new or daydream while at soccer practice.

I’m the mom of three little ones, the wife to an amazing husband and also work full time. Some of my favorite things are cinnamon rolls, white wine, laughing until I can’t breathe and traveling with my family.


Author Links





Cover Reveal, New Releases

Cover Reveal – BOYFRIEND BARGAIN by Ilsa Madden-Mills

BB - CR banner.jpg

Boyfriend Bargain, an all-new sexy sports romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ilsa Madden-Mills, is coming May 6th and we have the sexy cover for you!


Wanted: one hot guy with rock-hard abs and a big stick

Broke and desperate, Sugar Ryan has no use for arrogant, bad boy athletes . . . until she’s forced to bargain with the cockiest of them all.

If only he knew she was alive.

Her mission? Get on this hockey player’s radar any way possible.

Zack Morgan is the king of the ice and the bedroom—but nothing prepares him for the mystery girl who shows up everywhere he does—frat parties, his favorite bar, and finally his front door with an offer he can’t refuse. The only rule in her boyfriend bargain: no falling in love.

But after one (um, two) smoking-hot hookups, he’s done with pretending and vows to make their fake relationship real. Too bad she can’t trust a player with a reputation for breaking hearts.

Will this hockey star score his forever girl or will their Boyfriend Bargain end in heartbreak?

Add to GoodReads: http://bit.ly/2ISsCe9

BB Instagram .png

Cover Designer: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs

Photographer: Brian Jaime

Model: Wirth

About Ilsa Madden-Mills

Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today best-selling author Ilsa Madden-Mills is best known for her contemporary romances ranging from new adult angst to romantic sports comedy.

Seven of her ten novels have placed in the Amazon US Store Top Six Best-seller List: Dirty English hit #1; Fake Fiancée and I Dare You hit #2; I Bet You, Filthy English, and Very Bad Things all placed #6 in the Amazon US Store.

The Last Guy, her collaboration with Tia Louise, hit #4.

A former high school English teacher, she adores all things Pride and Prejudice, and of course, Mr. Darcy is her ultimate hero.

She’s addicted to frothy coffee beverages, cheesy magnets, and any book featuring unicorns and sword-wielding females. Feel free to stalk her online.

Ilsa head shot-2.jpg

Connect with Ilsa

Join her Unicorn Girls Group on FB, the best way to keep up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ilsasunicorngirls/

Sign up for phone alert for book releases (max of 4) Text ROMANCE to 21000

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2nY2pxT

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilsamaddenmills/

Newsletter: http://www.ilsamaddenmills.com/contact

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Book+Main: https://bookandmainbites.com/ilsamaddenmills

Release Day/New Release

New Release – The Machine by Stephanie Julian

The Machine by Stephanie Julian is available now!
He’s cool as ice and hot AF…

Amazon — https://amzn.to/2BKyaBA
Apple — https://apple.co/2NfzzEV
Nook — http://bit.ly/2TZW0jU
Kobo — http://bit.ly/2BLjDFP

He’s cool as ice and hot AF.

Jake Mozik has fought his way back from a possible career-ending injury and has returned to the Redtails focused and ready to reclaim his former glory as half of the best defensive duo in the league. But his attraction to the fierce Faith is unexpected and distracting.

Faith doesn’t usually fall for overly confident, uber sexy jocks. But when she does, apparently she falls pretty damn hard. Jake is so not her type. Or so she thinks. Until he shows up to volunteer at the alternative school where she works and she sees a different side of the normally cocky athlete. He’s kind and patient and— Damn it, she is not falling for this guy. She’s rebuilding her life after a near-fatal accident and there’s no room for a man.

Jake is determined to make room in Faith’s life. And once he sets his mind on something, he doesn’t let go until he gets what he wants. And he wants it all…

About the Author:

Stephanie Julian is a New York Times and USA Today best seller who writes sophisticated, sultry romance for adventurous readers.

Her books include sexy heroes (sometimes two!), smart heroines and emotionally engaging love stories. Her series include the best-selling Salon Games, Indecent and Magical Seduction.

Stephanie is a slow runner, a reluctant cook, a lover of all things Joss, JJ and Disney. She’s happily married to a Springsteen fanatic and is the mother of two sons who introduced her to the joys of Slipknot, Warped Tour and never-ending headaches.

Connect with Stephanie!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/author.StephanieJulian/
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2M2Yj0J
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephanieJulian
Newsletter: https://stephaniejulian.com/
Bookbub: http://bit.ly/2M4vd0R