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Review – Fluffy by Julia Kent

Fluffy (Standalone)
by Julia Kent (Author)

This review is from: April 19, 2019 By Kay Daniels (Kindle Edition-Goodreads)
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

A romcom that’s a little dirty, a lot flirty, breakout funny, and just a great read!

When Mallory Monahan answers the job ad for a professional fluffer; #1 she’s desperate (she’s to the point where she might have to move back in with her parents), #2 she’s a professional stager (the job description was close, even if they called it something different), #3 did I mention she was desperate (the spam ads of marrying a Nigerian prince were beginning to look enticing).

Keep your beverages set far away or you may be cleaning up your own spit takes. (Is that too punny when a fluffer job is involved?) Anyway, Fluffy is hilarious, so this really is a warning; read and drink at your own risk.

When Mallory arrives at the job site and things go from desperate to…well let’s just say she finally figures out what a professional fluffer does. Back in high school, she was humiliated when her car was decorated with the words “most likely to become a porn star”, little did she realize the joke would actually come back to haunt her. To add to her humiliation, her high school crush, Will Lotham, arrives on set with the cops in tow. Could her life get any worse?

With a ten year class reunion looming, no job, the possibility of moving back in with her parents, and the humiliation of answering a fluffer ad Mallory doesn’t understand when Will seems to take an interest in her. Is it to complete her humiliation? Because he came in second best back in high school, is it revenge? Or could it be real interest?

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