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Review – Baby Yours by Kennedy Fox


Baby Yours; Roommate Duet #2 (Duet)
by Kennedy Fox (Author)

This review is from: May 18, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Baby Yours continues to pull at your heart strings with Hunter and Lennon’s emotional story. The second part of this duet picks up where Baby Mine left off. This is a book where you need to read both parts and trust me, you want to read them both. This complete story is so very touching and will leave an impact long after you finish the last page.

Baby Yours begins with Hunter and Lennon on their way to see her very conservative parents who still hold traditional values on relationships. The fact that Lennon is pregnant is of great concern to her, but Hunter without revealing his true feelings, steps up and proposes being her fake husband to save face.

Their time spent in Utah, posing as a fake couple is both wonderful and torture. For the first time since Hunter saw Lennon he is able to display his true feelings for the woman who has captivated his soul, but also knowing he will never be able to truly tell her that it is how he really feels. Once they return to California, things return to “normal”, but pandora’s box has been opened and feelings are hard to put back inside. Time heals all wounds, but can it heal a new relationship with old feelings?

Time and time again Hunter slays me with how much he is not only willing to sacrifice for Lennon, by loving her so fiercely, even if it is unrequited. He is an amazing man and you see it shine in his dedication to his small circle of what I would call his newly made family (friends, their family, etc..) – When Hunter loves someone he loves someone with everything he has and there is no hesitation that he is all in. Hunter’s heart is so big, I could jump in and get really comfy. He is a character I won’t soon forget.

Lennon is torn, as anyone in her situation would be, between still grieving for her lost love – Brandon, feeling joy for the new life growing within her, and struggling with the developing feelings she feels towards Hunter. I love that Kennedy Fox let both Lennon and Hunter grow through the grieving process and didn’t just automatically throw them together at the end of book 1 or even at the beginning of book 2, but allowed them to continue exploring their feelings and emotions throughout their process.

This duet was so well done on so many levels. Yes, it was emotional, heartfelt, and contained all the feels, but Baby Yours is extremely well written that you will enjoy the journey. Just make sure you have some tissues handy while you are reading.

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Baby Yours releases May 21st!


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Start the journey with book 1, Baby Mine, if you haven’t jumped into this emotional book duet yet. It is so worth the ride.

She’s off-limits. 
My best friend’s girlfriend.
My new roommate.
Not mine.

So why can’t I get her out of my damn head?



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