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Review – The Rock by Jennifer Bernard


The Rock; The Rockwell Legacy #5 (Series)
by Jennifer Bernard (Author)

This review is from: May 26, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jennifer Bernard brings everything to the table when writing a stellar book. The Rockwell series has been fantastic and I’ve loved reading every single one, The Rock being no exception. Jake Rockwell was the last single sibling, but aside from that he was also the sibling investigating the final pieces to the mystery surrounding his mother’s death.

Each book, and each sibling prior, added to the layers and overall arc that has now brought us to this final destination. I can tell you that Jennifer Bernard did not disappoint and you will love the finish to this series.

With humor, steamy good times, suspense, mystery, and lots of family time, The Rock is the perfect ending to The Rockwell Legacy.

Jake Rockwell has employed Olivia James, Private Investigator, to help him piece together all the clues that he has (or his family has) already gathered up to this point. As Jake gives Olivia all of the details, you find just how many layers there are to this mystery, but it also shows that if you wanted to read this book as a standalone, you really could. Jennifer does an excellent job recounting the facts if you’ve missed any books up to this point.

As Jake and his siblings continue the quest to find information, Olivia and Jake’s chemistry is off the charts, plus their humor is infectious. Jake is extremely likeable and breaks through Olivia’s high walls with his charm, but is it enough to keep to them together permanently once they solve the case? He would like nothing better than to keep Olivia by his side, but he has a strong feeling that he is seen as just a good time.

Olivia has damage from an ex and she has a hard time letting Jake in, even though he is very easy to like. Their relationship comes so easy that she hardly notices that one is forming. She’s never felt so at ease with anyone, including being just herself ever. Will she be able to walk away from Jake and his family when the case is closed or could she take a leap of faith and actually be with Jake?

The Rock has everything you could want. Sit down, cozy up with the Rockwells, and fall in love with this series.

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