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Review – Once Upon A Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second-Chances Anthology


Once Upon A Wedding: A Fiction From the Heart Second-Chances Anthology (Anthology)
by Jamie Beck (Authors)
Tracy Brogan
Sonali Dev
K.M. Jackson
Donna Kauffman
Sally Kilpatrick
Falguni Kothari
Priscilla Oliveras
Barbara Samuel
Hope Ramsay
Liz Talley

This review is from: June 2, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥

If you love weddings and second chance stories, then this anthology is absolutely perfect to add to your summer reading list.  This anthology revolves around couples that all get a second chance at love. Plus you get to experience eleven different weddings and who doesn’t love a wedding? Sappy vows make me tear up every time.

Whether it’s tense situations, the reminder of love lost, family, etc…these couples remember what it means to love. Once Upon A Wedding is a happy read with lots of very good stories packed inside. There is nothing in this book that will leave you disappointed at the end of the day, again, who doesn’t love a wedding?

I don’t have room or unfortunatly time to review all of them, so here is an insight into just a couple of them:

“I Do, Again”- Jamie Beck

While Ellie is finishing up the bride’s face on her wedding day, one of the bridesmaid’s turns ill. Even though Ellie is just the makeup artist, the bride offers up a deal that Ellie really can’t refuse and suddenly she is walking down the aisle in a borrowed gown looking at her ex whom is one of the groomsmen.

To say Cody never felt he had closure after his divorce is an understatement. What he never felt is that spark for anyone else again since Ellie. Seeing her again walk down the isle lit him up inside and he knew this was a sign, a second chance he wasn’t going to miss out on.

I Do, Again is a heartwarming story that was also funny. It is definitely a story that reminds you that love is work and isn’t all just filled with happy moments, but to enjoy each other while you have each other.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

“Weather or Knot” – Tracy Brogan

Allison Winters, a meteorologist, is sent on assignment to tag along with some storm-chasers. Her assignment is not only to catch great footage of the weather, but make sure it is interesting enough to bring up ratings. Allison is ready for the challenge…what she is not ready for is to sit in a truck with her ex for a week.

Dylan Parks hasn’t seen Allie for five years. Not since the day she broke his heart and returned her engagement ring. He is good at his job and can be professional, but having her close is like being caught right in the center of a storm.

Given this second chance and with perspective on their side, Dylan and Allison wonder what would have happened if things had worked between them five years ago, could they have actually worked given that their professional lives took them in different directions. Can they actually give it shot now that destiny has put them in each others path a second time around?

Too often we get caught up in love and emotion and don’t think practically, I enjoyed this story because it did look at both sides. Yes, I LOVE love, but reality does come into play, unfortunately. This was a great story with both action, love, and some real life practicality mixed in.

This anthology is filled with eleven all-new novellas that will have you reminiscing over your wedding vows or perhaps dreaming of your own future wedding day. These heartwarming, second chance love stories are fun and easy to pick up for an in-between read this summer.

Once Upon A Wedding Anthology is coming on June 11th!

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