Review – Enchanted by Lexi Blake


Enchanted; A Masters and Mercenaries Novella #18.5 (Series)
by Lexi Blake (Author)

This review is from: June 14, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Back in the Masters and Mercenaries world, and while this was just a novella, it was filled with everything I LOVE!!! Lexi Blake is a master and Enchanted was absolutely perfect!

A second chance love story, one that actually began a few books ago. Set in the Masters and Mercenaries world, Ian Taggart’s world (my favorite among favorites world) Jared Johns/Ferguson and Sarah Stevens finally get their chance at love.

When Charlotte Taggart throws a birthday party, Sanctum is transformed in a sultain’s paradise. Each unattached Dom and submissive will have a weekend to celebrate in a way that only the Taggart’s and Sanctum could come up with all in anonymity of course.  Jared knows this is the perfect chance to win back Sarah so with the help of the Sanctum family he sets his plans in motion.

Enchanted may be a novella, but it is filled with everything you could want in a Lexi Blake novel;

  • Ian, Ian, and more Ianisms. His snark and wisdom is the absolute best. “My youngest brother is very much into manovers. First he talks to whatever sad-sack dude he’s managed to attract, and before you know it they’re crying and eating mint chocolate chip ice cream and talking about how they can be complete without a woman, and then what? Five minutes later they’re trying on clothes.”
  • There are old M&M favorites along with new characters that pop in, plus…mixed in…characters from Bliss, CO. SQUEEEEE!!!! Having the crossover connection always makes me super happy, so call me blissfully happy.
  • The babies or more like children of M&M are growing up. We are at 18.5 in the series, where has the time gone? Ian and Charlotte may be busy amassing their own army, but the other members of Sanctum are helping as well. Sarah has been working in the nursery almost since the beginning and her inner monologue talking about the children is priceless.
  • Sanctum is an amazing space; a refuge, a safe space, an adult playground and Lexi is a master at keeping it fresh, fun, and the sexy times hot and steamy.

Catch up with everything Masters and Mercenaries in this amazing novella.

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Releasing June 18th

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