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Review – Making Up by Helena Hunting

Making Up; Shaking Up #4 (Series)
by Helena Hunting (Author)

This review is from: July 4, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Helena Hunting is a one click author for me! I have been anxiously waiting for last Mills brother to arrive and Helena did not disappoint!! He is sweet, slightly shy, yet commanding, he is absolute perfection and the wait was worth it!

Griffin Mills is the eldest Mills brother, yet very different from his two younger outspoken and don’t mind living in the spotlight brothers. Griffin is a numbers man, the traveler, and planner. He has helped build the Mills Hotel chain by being calculated, meeting Cosy Felton while he was shopping for gag gifts in a sex toy shop was not his usual style, but something told him she was worth the risk. She may be a little younger than he is, but he’s willing to take a chance, at least see what their connection is while he’s working in Vegas. If it doesn’t work out then no harm, he’s only in town for a couple months and they can end things when he leaves. Seems easy enough, that is until things get complicated.

Cosy was finishing her degree and working part-time in a sex shop when a gorgeous man in a suit came walking in. Sure lots of people came in everyday, but there was something different about this particular suit. Griffin was shy, downright awkward about being in the store and Cosy couldn’t help but be drawn to him. Even against her better judgement and her self appointed rule about dating customers, she gives in…hello he’s gorgeous. What she doesn’t find out until weeks later is Griffin is more than just a suit, he’s a hotel mogul billionaire suit. What is he doing with her?

Griffin is a serial monogamist, a billionaire, and a decade older with just a bit more baggage than Cosy, can he really offer her what she needs as she’s just getting started with her life, which includes diner milkshakes, no long term commitments, and barely affording rent?

Cosy has yet to see the world, she never makes plans, when she wants to go somewhere she just hops in her car and heads in a direction. Can she really offer Griffin a life of perfection when he is used to having everything at his fingertips and she’s a hot mess?

Cosy and Griffin are so imperfectly perfectly matched, that once they get over their own imperfections they wake up and realize just how perfect they are for each other. This is just one of the reasons I adore Helena’s writing! Make sure you add this one to your TBR now!

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