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Review – Million Dollar Marriage by Katy Evans

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Million Dollar Marriage; Million Dollar #2 (Series)
by Katy Evans (Author)

This review is from: July 15, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

A fun romp through a reality TV world. I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end! The concept, the characters, the writing, YES!! I loved absolutely everything!!

Strangers meet and fall in love everyday, normally through dating, hooking up, friendship, work, etc…but reality TV is such a huge part of the television watching world in general, so the idea where people are forced together and then have to work together is always a fascinating socialization concept.

Take for instance the game show, Survivor, which has been around now for about 20 years. We are not only drawn in by the physical challenges, but the social aspects that only reality TV can bring. This is the concept behind Million Dollar Marriage. Social, emotional, and physical. I’d totally watch this fictional show if it became a reality.

Nell (Penelope) is a total brainiac, having worked hard to achieve her PhD, but has she ever watched a reality TV show? No. How did she become a contestant on Million Dollar Marriage? With a little convincing by her best friend to go to the casting call and all the student debt she has piled up to achieve her educational status, so it didn’t take much coercion at all, actually. With her nose constantly in a book, Nell has little to no social skill, plus the heaviest thing she lifts are big books. Can she actually win this game?

Luke is a physical powerhouse, plus he is already business owner owning his own bar. His social game is top notch. He can win with his hands tied behind his back, seriously is that a challenge because he would totally win it. Like Nell he too has a mountain of debt and could use the cash to pull himself out of it. With the assets he brings to the table he’ll win this game even if it means being tied up, tied down, or tied to someone else in matrimony, just don’t ask him to complete a puzzle, that might prove a challenge, you see Luke never graduated high school, he is the complete opposite of Nell in just about every possible way, so being each others partners may be his biggest challenge.

Part of the overall game, did you see the dropped hint of matrimony above? You see Million Dollar Marriage isn’t just a pretty title for a reality TV show. Nell and Luke first have to decide to stay married during their time while on the show, then eventually work together to win each challenge before the other teams do so they can make it to the end and actually win the game.

Together they might just be the best team or perhaps the worst, but if they don’t try they will never know. The social experiment of the game is so much more than Nell and Luke ever expected. Each of them grow and learn from the other without really realizing it, but the real question at the end of everything is…can they actually survive outside of the game? Can they work out in the real world? Could they really sustain a life together when they are completely opposite in every possible way?

Opposites attract, but do they last?

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