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Review – The Truth About Us by R.C. Stephens

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The Truth About Us (Standalone)
by R.C. Stephens (Author)

This review is from: July 24, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

A second chance, new adult, little sister/brother-best friend love story. This is one love story with so many twists and turns showing that love isn’t a straight line. Can you really say you’d make the same choices again at twenty that you’d make at thirty? People change regardless of whom they are with or maybe because of whom they are with. The Truth Of Us is an amazing book that delves into the choices we make, the family we have, and the family we surround ourselves with by choice.

R. C. Stephens opens the story with two teens, Griff and JoJo, in the midst of a mad, passionate crush teetering upon love. After a year and a half of dancing around each other with stolen kisses and touches JoJo gives Griff her heart and her virginity and then they promise each other a future together, right after Griff vanishes from her life completely ghosting her.

Ten years go by and JoJo has moved on, eventually marrying (although also losing her spouse too) when her mother calls to announce that her step-father has died and should return home. JoJo hasn’t returned home in years, the memories have been too painful, but since Griff hasn’t shown his face even once in a decade she doesn’t give him another thought that is until she sees him at the same airport.

A lot of time has past and Griff has burned a lot of bridges with JoJo, but the moment he sees her across the airport every reason he had for staying away vanishes from his brain. He believes in destiny and wants another chance with her. He wants everything and he won’t give up until she is in his arms again. He first needs to explain what happened ten years ago, but then convince her that there is a reason why they have this second chance.

JoJo has a lot of baggage and half of it is Griff’s to carry, the rest is her dead spouses. She never planned to fall in love again, but the problem is she never fell out of love with Griff. Will things be different this time? There are so many roadblocks, so much standing between the two of them can they really pick up where they left off?

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