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Review – Truly Mine by Kennedy Fox

Truly Mine; Mason and Sophie #1, Roommate Duet Series #3 (Series)
by Kennedy Fox (Authors)

This review is from: August 9, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

This is the first part of the Mason and Sophie duet, but if you happened to have read the first two books in the Roommate series then you are already familiar with the chemistry between Mason and Sophie. Like me, you’ve been wondering what was holding them back from being together. In Truly Mine we finally discover what all of those underlying reasons were.

The great thing is, if you are new to the series and are just jumping in, Kennedy Fox does a great job of keeping you up to speed on past characters while moving the storyline along. So either way, you will love this book.

So, Kennedy Fox did warn that this duet would cover topics that could be sensitive to readers and would be greatly different than the last duet. Yes, the last duet was emotional, like gut-wrenching emotional. Truly Mine is devastating. The authors pinpoint the wrecked devastation in being in an abusive relationship, along with the emotional toil of losing someone you love. This book is heartbreaking and sad and yet so real. It is emotional on an entirely different level. It does cover very real topics and could be troubling for some readers, but the authors do a great job of writing about it and discussing ways to seek help.

Sophie is a violinist for the Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra. As the eldest sister of three she tends to take on the motherly role between them, but she is far from matronly. Her life consists of music, which is practice, her job and tutoring other students. It doesn’t leave time for much else, like meeting men. However, one night while waiting for her sister to arrive in a bar she meets a handsome stranger and they decide to on a bar quickie. Once they finish and head back out the bar, it’s then that they discover whom the other person is. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that the best time of her life would be her sister’s boyfriend’s bestfriend, Mason.

Mason hasn’t dated in years and he certainly wasn’t a one night stand guy either, but something about the beautiful girl at the bar called to him. Once he found out she was Lennon’s sister he knew he was in trouble. They had to backpocket what had happened and just move forward hopefully being friends. Unfortunately that was harder said than done. Pushing her away over and over was only for the best, he was in no way ready to pursue anything with her and she’d only thank him one day. That was until she eventually moved on.

Weston was perfect on paper, perfect in person, perfect in everyway that mattered. That was until they moved in together. Sophie saw a different side to the man she believed she was in love with. The man she began to date because Mason wouldn’t give her the time of day. Years of her life she’d never get back because he pushed her away. She was with Weston now and things were great, until they weren’t. Blinded by her emotions, blinded by her insecurities, scared to leave, Sophie was left with nowhere to go. Perfect Weston knew how to manipulate her and his manipulation led to unchangeable consequences.

Truly Mine is a look back on how Sophie and Mason arrived at their fractured relationship. How do two people who have obvious feelings for one another get to the place of no return? How do we let things happen when choices seem to obvious, but small changes and choices lead us down a path one step at a time.

Be prepared because the first part of this duet will wreck you and leave you with a whaaaaaaaa moment at the end. I can hardly wait for Truly Yours to release.

Coming August 13th!!

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