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Review – Neat by Kandi Steiner

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Neat; Becker Brothers #2 (Series)
by Kandi Steiner (Author)

This review is from: September 15, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Neat combined just the right amount of family, mystery, flirty, and dirty to make this new Becker Brothers romance a total hit!!

In a fiction world; Logan Becker is my spirit animal. He is addicted to lists, organization, highlighters, and the need for worthless knowledge which is all like foreplay crack to me. Although if I was being fair; it would also appear that I married my fictional spirit animal in Mallory Scooter. He’s a procrastinator, messy, and has been reading the same book for the past year. Although like any good romance book would tell you…opposites attract.

Here’s a little insight into Logan and Mallory. The Romeo and Juliet of our story.

Mallory Scooter is the daughter and granddaughter of the Scooter Whiskey Distillery that has been in her family for generations. Their families have been feuding; much like the Montagues and Capulets. So when Mallory is forced to begin working at the distillery, by making a deal with her father (the devil), she isn’t exactly thrilled to be working under Logan Becker, but not for the reasons everyone in town would necessarily think. She doesn’t want to be working there period and with her uncle soon retiring she has a feeling her father might have nefarious reasons up his sleeves that don’t exactly thrill her. She has agreed to work there in exchange for her father loaning her money to buy a studio for art. She doesn’t want to work at the distillery, never has, but her deal with the devil remains and working under Logan is just passing time, which she doesn’t take seriously.

Logan Becker has worked hard at not only preserving the Becker family name at the distillery, but also at moving up in the company. There will be a spot opening soon, with a retirement coming up, that he knows he is perfect for, he just has to bide his time. However, training the bosses daughter isn’t exactly the highlight of his career, especially since he’s harbored a secret crush on her since high school. If he can make it through this he knows the promotion will be his. He just can’t screw it up. He doesn’t like that Mallory doesn’t take work seriously and ends up getting him in trouble in the first time since he’s ever worked there. Of course a Scooter would happen to make him look bad. You would think that would be enough to keep him away, but he ends up finding a soft spot for the girl who dislikes her father as much as he does. A common thread is sometimes all it takes for that old attraction to ignite.

As a guy who likes things neat and orderly, Mallory completely flips Logan’s world upside down. She ties him up in knots and frankly makes him question what he’s doing most days, but the same can be said for her. She thrives on chaos and spontinately. She loves pushing people’s buttons and doesn’t really like rules. How can these two really get along for five minutes to actually get something accomplished? And if they do end up actually taking things to the next level, without bloodshed because this really isn’t Romeo and Juliet, how are they supposed to help a family that has been feuding for generations see eye to eye?

Neat is a fantastic modern day Romeo and Juliet, with a lot less dying.

Neat is a stand-alone book in the Becker Brothers Series. ⁣

Coming September 19, 2019 to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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