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Review – The Trouble With Christmas by Amy Andrews


The Trouble With Christmas; Credence, Colorado #2 (Series)
by Amy Andrews (Author)

This review is from: September 16, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

LOL fun!! I love reading Amy Andrews books and The Trouble With Christmas is filled with crazy holiday fun, a grinch-like rancher, crazy faux inspired paintings and one dominatrix Barbie Christmas tree topper. This is a holiday book you do not want to miss.

What could possibly go wrong when Suzanne St. Michelle tells one tiny lie to her parents in hopes that they won’t visit her while she’s staying in Credence, CO this holiday season? What is this tiny lie you ask? She’s dating the grumpy rancher, Joshua Grady, whom she’s currently renting the cottage from. She may have also embellished the small lie and told her parents that Josh LOVES Christmas. That he is something like a Christmas fairy, sprinkling that stuff around like fairy dust in his good cheer. Josh in fact tries to avoid anything to do with the season, but I’ll get to that.  You see, Suzanne was only trying to keep her parents in New York. She only wanted to spend Christmas with her friend, in a very over the top way like a Hallmark movie. So there was nothing wrong with a little lie…right?  Try telling that to the grinch…I mean Josh.

Joshua Grady prefers solitude. He also prefers answering people with one word replies if asked anything. You see, Grady, as he prefers to be called, isn’t much for conversation or people. So when Suzanne rents his cottage, he isn’t thrilled, but he’s able to stay away, so no harm no foul. But when Suzanne approaches him about this hairbrained scheme to be her fake rancher boyfriend when her parents decide to visit for the holidays…well he has more than just one word to say about that. He doesn’t like the holidays for a reason and he certainly doesn’t like his solitary alone time to be encroached upon…but she also offers up a deal that he can’t refuse. If only the deal doesn’t break Suzanne’s muse in the process.

I love the town and the townsfolk of Credence, Co. They add so much color and life to the story. Grady and Suzanne have great chemistry, along with a great back and forth that will have you chuckling out loud. The holiday items mentioned that are outrageously over the top had me laughing so hard. This was like watching Clark Griswald light up his home on TV, but better because it was Grady’s. Amy Andrews filled every nook and cranny with a garish Christmas item and I loved the creative touches her mind came up with. Pulling Grady out of his grinch-ish mood was a fantastic transformation to read and I loved every moment.

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