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Review – Mine Until Moonrise by Jennifer Bernard

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Mine Until Moonrise; Lost Harbor Alaska #1 (Series)
by Jennifer Bernard (Author)

This review is from: September 20, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mine Until Moonlight is a delightful book! It contains colorful characters, witty writing, the beautiful backdrop of Alaska, and sizzling chemistry between two harbor neighbors (it’s a thing trust me).

Jennifer Bernard has created a wonderful new series where you can either get lost or found (depending on your situation) in Lost Harbor, Alaska. For our main characters, Megan and Lucas, they happened to need just a bit of both.

Megan is running from a past tragedy and hoping to lose herself in the peaceful town of Lost Harbor. Lucas grew up in Alaska, moved away from the small town, but upon his fathers death is back now trying to find answers to his mysterious death.

While these two came from different backgrounds, they also have similar values. Neither would ever admit it to the other, because it just might mean they actually liked one another, and they have this unspoken feud between them. Well…not so much unspoken, because you can’t feud without a few choice words, but more like an undocumented feud. When does a feud actually begin? How do you set the terms? Isn’t that what makes a feud, the verbal sparring, the light jabs, the so called pranks? These two are good at their feuding and it makes for a really fun book.

Megan and Lucas are harbor neighbors, that’s what she called them, much to Lucas’ argument that there is no such term. They park their boats next to one another at the docks and while he has (or more like his father had) a thriving fishing business, Megan’s nature business is less than thriving. Lucas came home after his father passed to settle affairs, which also meant running his fishing boat, not something he was exactly happy about, which he sometimes took out on his harbor neighbor (I love using this term). He also is looking into his father’s death, which is a lot of fun as he goes around town talking to people regarding his father.

Megan doesn’t have time to worry about her sexy, everyone-loves-him-in-town, harbor neighbor. She has a business to run and she needs to drum up business. On top of that, she has a gifted daughter and her meddling ex who doesn’t believe that living in a small town in Alaska is the best thing for her. If she can’t make enough to support them she might actually have to sell her boat and move proving her ex was right. When she finds out a producer is in town filming a nature show and could be interested in Lucas’ boat, she jumps at the opportunity to show them what she’s got. She will not let sexy Lucas take this opportunity from her.

They both have things to worry about while in Alaska and a feud between harbor neighbors is one thing neither really have time for, but they both can’t seem to avoid the pitfalls that feuding brings. Especially when there is a fine line between feuding and flirting. They are drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. Their story is fun and once you pick it up it’s very hard to put down.

This is a great first story to a new series and I’m looking forward to more in this small town of Lost Harbor.

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