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Review – A Lie For A Lie by Helena Hunting

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A Lie For A Lie; All In #1 (Series)
by Helena Hunting (Author)

This review is from: September 22, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

From the highly loved Pucked series comes a new generation of hockey players to fall in love with. A Lie For A Lie is everything wonderful that Helena Hunting creates with her writing!!

We meet Rook Bowman, the captain now of the Chicago hockey team, for those of you familiar with the Pucked series, yes we have moved ahead a few years, but I assure this is a complete standalone. So while Alex has retired and most of the beloved players have families that you will meet, catch up with, and laugh right along with, you do not have to have read any of the prior books in order to enjoy this story.

We really begin the story of Rook, or RJ as we get to know him throughout the story, and Lainey in Alaska. Lainey is headed there to finish her third master’s degree, she’s a total brainiac and not into sports whatsoever. RJ is headed there on his yearly fishing trip away from the media, paparazzi, puck bunnies, and most of civilization. He finds Lainey freshing that she doesn’t know a thing about him so he leaves out the teeny tiny fact that he works for the NHL. It’s not really a lie, but more of an omission, and blatant steer of conversation when she asks what he does for work, but aside from that….he can’t help but be enamoured by her and their chemistry is off the charts. When he has to suddenly leave, he hates the fact he never hears from her again. Could he have misread the signs? When destiny places her in his path once more he knows he can’t lose her again, but he’s floored to discover she may have been keeping an omission of her own.

Lainey is away from pretty much everyone she knows for the first time in her life and the gorgeous man who has graciously helped her more times than really should be necessary, well she can’t seem to want to stay away when he offers to let her stay in his luxurious cabin vs. her rodent infested one. For six weeks they spend pretty much every moment together, until it comes to a heartbreaking end. With no way to contact one another once they leave their bubble of bliss they completely lose touch. Thankfully fate has another idea in mind. When Lainey takes a job in Chicago she runs into RJ again, she just didn’t realize he was a hockey player named Rook.

Can they both forgive and forget their past mistakes? Only time, healing, and a lot of trust will bring them back to where they were in Alaska, but the big question is, do they both want the same thing now that so much time has passed.

This new series is going to rock your world and give you all the feels…I’m serious….ALL THE FEELS!!! The direction that Helena is taking everything is absolutely amazing. Lainey and RJ are incredible together and rank pretty high up in standings to my favorite hockey couple. I can hardly wait for more stories to arrive in this new series!! The ride is going to be fantastic!!

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