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Review – Kiss Me Tonight by Emma Hart


Kiss Me Tonight; Kiss Me #2 (Series)
by Emma Hart (Author)

This review is from: September 22, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

Most women aren’t quite as accepting to getting an eggplant pic from an anonymous person, but Reagan let Noah (once she learned his name) know that he sent a picture of his junk to the wrong person and also, btw it’s not so bad looking for, you know, a peen pic.

And so began their texting friendship. A strange back and forth that neither one ever thought would amount to more than quirky moments between their working day or late night/early morning hellos or good nights. That is until Reagan has an apartment fire and Noah just so happens to be the fireman who rescues her.  Well, their awkward relationship just moved to a whole new level.

Kiss Me Tonight is an adorable look at how social media introduces us to people we might never get a chance to meet, even if it is accidently. It forces us out of our mundane and then when life or karma or destiny, whatever you would like to call it, steps in and pushes us to take that next step well… may or may not be ready.

Staying behind your phone or computer is the safe place to be….real life is just plain scary, ask Reagan, but she did survive a fire and Noah is her real life hero, so not everything is bad. When the man of your dreams turns out to be real perhaps the real world isn’t so scary after all.

Kiss Me Tonight is full of adorable moments with Reagan and her friends, her crazy family, a cute chihuahua, and lots of steamy build up between Noah and Reagan.

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