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Review – Viral by T. Gephart

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Viral (Standalone)
by T. Gephart (Author)

This review is from: September 27, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Viral is snarky, sassy and full of wit! What also makes Viral so amazing is that it is a beautiful touching story with a lot of sarcasm tossed in along the way (it’s like she writes my language). This book has everything and I know you will love it!!

Vaughn Hale is every girls wet dream guy. Heartthrob, yes. Faithful, check. In touch with his emotions, ding, ding, ding we have a winner. He also isn’t afraid to be with a strong woman, actually he gets a thrill from it. Holy hotness, Vaughn is a keeper, even though Gillian Duzan does everything to keep him at arms length (Silly woman).

Gillian is an executive for a huge recording label. She is akin to an angel swooping in to save Vaughn and his band from self destruction. Or….something like that. When Vaughn posts a salty message about his best friend and guitarist stabbing him in the back for sleeping with his long time girlfriend all over social media, the post goes viral. Now, his band never had anything close to the following that this post did, considering they typically played to around thirty people and some of those were family and friends. So the fact that his message went viral is big news.

Gillian has done her homework, she sees potential, it’s her job. Her job is not to get involved with the talent, which just so happens to be Vaughn. No matter how hot, persistent, or sweet he actually is. Her father may run the company, but she’s worked long and hard to get to where she is that she isn’t going to jeopardize her position by….getting into positions with the hot, sexy talent. No matter how persistent, good looking, and charming he may be.

When she becomes his babysitter, for lack of a better term, they end up spending quite a lot of time together. It doesn’t take long for their chemistry to blur the lines that should be in place and Vaughn and Gillian to become more than just manager and talent.

With his career ready to become viral itself, Gillian doesn’t feel right about their blurred lines, but Vaughn is anything if not persistent. Why can’t he have the world and the woman too? Gillian isn’t so sure the real world works that way. Before they even get a chance their relationship could implode and everything she’s worked for could end along with his career.

Viral is so much fun to read. You will love the inside look of beginning a band while tackling the world of love. I adore how T. Gephart writes this couple. I couldn’t help getting sucked in and chuckling along through the entire book.

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