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Review – What’s Your Sign by Lila Monroe

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What’s Your Sign (Standalone)
by Lila Monroe (Author)

This review is from: September 29, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Full of sweet, sexy and lots of laughable moments. What’s Your Sign is the epitome of an office romance where Natalie keeps hoping to dig herself out of a hole, but only ends up finding herself in a bigger one.

The Gazette, where Natalie works, is in jeopardy and in process of a takeover. She finds herself continually throwing herself on the gauntlet to save the paper and her fellow workers, but the hardship really isn’t so hard when the new CEO is handsome and she might have accidently had a makeout session with him before she knew who he was. Ooops.

When the favorite Gazette horoscope writer vanishes Natalie picks up the reigns. No harm no foul. That is until she finds out that one corporate CEO, Justin Rockford is taking the readings to heart.

Justin isn’t like his father, coming in and dismantling a company only to make a profit. Justin actually wants to save the paper and jobs alike and there is something about the horoscope that gives him the advice he likes to hear.  Although, the more time Natalie and Justin spend together the more Natalie realizes that she should probably come clean about the horoscope writing, but that’s the thing with little white lies…they suddenly become a big one that seems insurmountable.

Could she end up losing both the job she loves and the man too?

You will run into a few friends you might be familiar with if you read Cupids Anonymous, but it is not a requirement to have read that book. This is a complete standalone.

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