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Review – Tangled Up In Christmas by Lisa Renee Jones

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Tangled Up In Christmas; Texas Heat #2 (Series)
by Lisa Renee Jones (Author)

This review is from: October 19, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥

A second chance love story about forgiveness, family, and little dash of the holiday spirit.

Tangled up in the past. Tangled up in the present. Tangled up in their jobs, family, friends, etc…. Roarke and Hannah are simply put just tangled.

How do you separate your feelings from the now and then when you’ve never had closure? Especially when you aren’t able to tell the one you love the whole truth as to why you let them walk out of your life?

How do you separate your feelings when you still love the person you left, but also hate the person standing in front of you at the same time?

Tangled is such a good way to describe the way Roarke and Hannah’s lives have become. Untangling their lives from one another isn’t easy. There isn’t just the two of them involved, it’s basically the entire town of Sweetwater when it comes down to it. The good news is the longer they are back in each other’s presence they aren’t exactly sure they want to untangle their tangled up life.

If you’ve read Jason and Jessica’s story, you’ll get to see a lot of them, as Jason is Roarke’s best friend and Hannah grew up with his family too. If you didn’t read the first book, you’ll have no trouble jumping into this second one, they are independent stories from each other. There is also breadcrumbs into who our next bachelor of Sweetwater could possibly be. I’m excited to return and see this growing family.

Tangled Up In Christmas by Lisa Renee Jones
Like The Truth About Cowboys, there are two covers for Tangled Up In Christmas. One is for ebook readers and the other is for paperback readers. Which reader are you and which cover will you choose on release day?

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