Review – Enemies by Tijan


Enemies (Standalone)
by Tijan (Author)

This review is from: November 23, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥

Enemies is a compelling new adult novel that will take your breath away. I needed an entire day to process after reading this amazing book and I needed that day to wade in all the emotions that reading Enemies invoked.

Between Stone and Dusty, Tijan brings you a story that is more than just two people who lost a childhood friendship. Together they deal with grief and loss, but because they are no longer friends the way they deal with it is through a swirling hurricane of emotional turmoil. Both hurting and healing each other at the same time without necessarily discussing their past. This sets off a journey of push and pull that can be a bit destructive at times, but given their age, certainly appropriate too.

Dusty has the need to close herself off to people. Every and anyone she ever gets close to leaves her in some fashion. The tears continually flowed down my face with how she felt about herself. It is heartbreaking. When she meets Stone again for the first time after years of separation, it is explosive. Due to circumstances I don’t want to mention in my review since you need to read them and enjoy, Stone basically barges in and takes over her life. Coming from her public enemy #1 hurricane Dusty is set free.

Even as Stone helps her in small, but also big ways, throughout her healing process you find that perhaps Dusty was never far from his conscious thoughts, maybe tucked into his subconscious for awhile until the time was right for them to need each other once again. Stone doesn’t hold back when it comes to his childhood friend. He is protective and caring, but also steps back when Dusty asks him to step back. You really can’t help but like the big guy who is supposed to be the enemy.

Tijan never fails to write emotionally charged stories that are drenched with deep emotions and still she flashes you what beauty lays beyond heartache. This is why I love reading her books. Make sure you add Enemies to your TBR or preorder it now!

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