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Review – Siren Reborn by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak

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Siren Reborn; Texas Sirens #8 (Series)
by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak (Author)

This review is from: December 15, 2019 By Kay Daniels
Heat Level:🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I probably say this with every book Lexi writes, but Siren Reborn could be one of my favorites in the Texas Siren series.

Kitten has been a favorite character of mine for several books now because not only is she finally getting her story with the perfect men, but the story about Kitten is all about finding the independent woman inside after the tragedy she has lived through. ❤ Facing your self-worth after living through the worst possible conditions you can imagine is an inner strength not many of us have. To not only having your physical body broken down, but your emotional worth shattered and yet come out with the light and innocence that Kitten does is a beautiful thing. It is probably what I love most about Kitten is that she is full of love and grace and she hasn’t let anyone take that from her even in the face of adversity. This world could use more people like her.🥰

In Siren Reborn Cole and Mason have been lovers before, but are currently apart due to a falling out. Kitten is the glue/connection that brings them back together and the person that has any hope of keeping them together for a future. None of them work without the other as they each have their own strength to offer each other as a triad. This is what makes this story so special and Kitten herself such a special character. Her openness and willing to display her feelings really help in Cole and Mason’s healing process.

Like most of Lexi’s stories, this one also has suspense and someone out to cause foul play. While the characters try to figure out their relationship someone is ultimately trying to tear it apart. At the end will everything work out? If Kitten has her way it will.

First released back in 2014, Siren Reborn (original 2014 cover below) will now been re-released and re-edited in a second edition, but no substantial changes.


Re-releasing January 7, 2020

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