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New Release – GLASS HEART SAVAGE by Lindsey Iler


GLASS HEART SAVAGE by Lindsey Iler is LIVE! Donโ€™t miss this dark, bully romance set in the world of the privileged and depraved that will have you questioning everything you think you know about the boys at the top of the hill! #OneClick today!


๐˜๐˜ˆ๐˜๐˜–๐˜Š. ๐˜‹๐˜Œ๐˜Š๐˜Œ๐˜๐˜›. ๐˜—๐˜™๐˜๐˜๐˜๐˜“๐˜Œ๐˜Ž๐˜Œ.

The elite come to play on the campus of Glass Heart Academy.


My sister was their everything. Iโ€™m their nothing.

They waited three hundred and sixty-five days after her disappearance to acknowledge Iโ€™m alive.

Their wicked games should scare me.

Except they donโ€™t know Iโ€™m not much different than her.


Palmer Weston isnโ€™t anything like her sister.

Sheโ€™s sweet and naive. There are plenty of reasons why I should keep my distance.

Except whereโ€™s the fun in that.

Iโ€™m a boy who loves his toys and Iโ€™ve kept her on the shelf long enough.

It seems someone is determined on giving Palmer the same fate as her sister.

Problem is Iโ€™ve never been good at sharing.

{Glass Heart Savage is the first book in the Glass Heart Academy Series.}

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Lindsey Iler has had her feet planted in the state of Michigan since she was born and she still lives there with her husband and four kids.

When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and reading.

Lindsey writes mature young adult/new adult romance. She falls in love with every character that pops into her head and is notorious for writing long chapters in her notes on her iPhone.

She finds inspiration from music and the people around her.







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Review – P.S. It’s Always Been You by Lauren Blakely

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P.S. It’s Always Been Youย 
(A standalone)

by: Lauren Blakely

Review Rating:



A standalone, second chance romance with a fun archaeologist expedition component mixed in. When you’ve lost the love of your life and she is, for lack of a better term, a treasure hunter what better way to win her back than to go on a treasure hunt. This is the heart of P.S. It’s Always Been You. Hunter and Presley solve a century old love story, while they piece their own hearts back together.

A decade ago Hunter and Presley were a couple, then Hunter took a job that was not only life altering for his career, but it took him away from Presley. She was not quite as fortunate on the career front and years later still just a little angry that he just up and left from their relationship. When he returns and wants another chance she’s not sure about giving him one. While he’s had a fantastic life for the past decade and did the leaving, with what appeared very little hardship, her heart couldn’t take him doing the same thing once again.

If it’s one thing that Lauren does really well in her writing, it is writing a heartfelt apology. Hunter realizes that Presley is hurt, even after all the years that have passed. Instead of giving a blanket “I’m sorry”, he delivers a sincere, heartfelt apology. Lauren digs deep to the pain or misunderstanding so that characters can get back to their romping good time. I think this is why her books are always so enjoyable.

Hunter and Presley search for clues to a century old love story, one that take them throughout New York City and reconnecting along the way. For Hunter it is an adventure, something that he craves. For Presley it touches the historian in her. Now if only they could continue this journey forever so their time would never end.


A sweeping, second chance standalone romance!

I was pretty good at living without regrets until a way too close call during a skydive. Instead of my life flashing before my eyes, I saw one face, one regret thatโ€™s been gnawing at me ever sinceโ€”Presley. The woman I loved madly ten years ago. The woman I had to walk away from.

At first, all I want is to sort out why I canโ€™t get her out of my head. But as soon as I see Presley again, I know I have to win her back at any cost. Brilliant, captivating and utterly beautiful, sheโ€™s the one I want.

Fate steps in when weโ€™re asked to pair up to find a treasure in art and antiques. Itโ€™s an opportunity I canโ€™t pass upโ€”to uncover a path back to the woman I let get away while we chase down a love story a hundred years in the making.

Trouble is, Presley is tougher now, more wary, and sheโ€™s been hurt. By me. So it’s going to take a whole lot more than one hot kiss and a wild adventure together to convince her to give me a second chance.

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Review – Ask Me If I Care by Lani Lynn Vale


Ask Me If I Care; SWAT Generation 2.0 #4ย 
(A standalone within a series)

by: Lani Lynn Vale

Review Rating:



A slow burn romance that revolves around some very current, sensitive topics. Lani does a wonderful job of writing not just about the wounded military, but how to go about the healing process. There is an inner strength that glows from within her characters and that really shines through her writing.

Hayes Greer is a current member of SWAT dealing with his own PTSD. He believes he is too messed up to ever have a real relationship, but something about Ares Downey continues to pull him back to her. It becomes harder to keep the beautiful guidance counselor away especially when she looks behind his issues to the man underneath.

Ares is smitten, yes that seems delicate for the strong, brooding man, but she is surely taken with the quiet man from the moment she meets him. Her fascination thankfully isn’t one sided since she can’t stop thinking about him. When the case Hayes has been working on lands on her doorstep she is even more grateful that he pursued her for lots of reasons.

Ask Me If I Care is a perfect combination of catching up with SWAT characters, suspense, smexy times, and everything that makes reading Vale’s books fun.


Ares saw him for the first time at a Kilgore Police Department benefit dinner. Sheโ€™d gone with her dad as his plus one. Hayes Greer had gone by himself and brooded silently across the same table as her, drinking whiskey and not saying a word.

It only took that one time for her to become interested.

The next time she saw him, he was doing another benefitโ€”but this one requiring a whole lot fewer clothes. And that was when she knew. She wanted him. Badly. But the morose Hayes was too busy thinking about his sins to see what was right in front of his faceโ€”Ares.


Hayes Greer knew the moment that he saw the feisty Ares Downy again that he shouldโ€™ve stayed away. Maybe if he hadnโ€™t done the stupid calendar, he wouldnโ€™t be questioning every single womanโ€™s intentions.

Maybe if heโ€™d listened to that niggling feeling telling him to stay away, he wouldโ€™ve been able to do his job a little better. But seeing her with a knife to her throat, in the middle of a building set to blow, made his usually well-wired brain start to malfunction.

Because nobody was allowed to touch her like thatโ€”only him. Nobody was allowed to scare her, either. Not and live to tell the tale.

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