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Review – Seduction by Z.L. Arkadie

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Seduction; The Secret Billionaire Asher Christmas #1 
(A trilogy, part 1)

by: Z.L. Arkadie

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This is part one in a trilogy that has lots of twists. A story filled with a drama, medical diagnosis, and smexy good times.

Dr. Ross “Pen” is in the final days of her residency when Dr. Sparrow arrives at her hospital. He’s quite the mystery offering little information about himself and doesn’t treat her the nicest in the hospital, but when their apartment complex has a fire he offers up a place to stay stating it’s a “friends”. Even though she has mixed feelings, she takes up his offer. Dr. Ross is presumably the best neurosurgeon in residence, but Dr. Sparrow continues to shun her eventually to find out his attraction to her is so strong he cannot work in the same OR as her or he might make a mistake. Their relationship evolves from there and there are more twists to the story,


and this is a big but for me….

I had a hard time getting past the pompous way he treated her, which might have been fine for tension, but the fact that she let him, saying it was fine to let a guy walk all over her career sort of grated on me.

Both doctors are neurosurgeons. We are talking top level in education and in their craft. For Pen to be a pushover in an instant for Jake felt wrong, but this is just my opinion.

As their relationship tries to evolve, Dr. Ross has lots of questions. Dr. Sparrow keeps his life close to the vest. He’s a man full of secrets for lots of reasons. This is part one and those reasons will be forthcoming as the trilogy continues.


Dr. Penina Ross learns that the stranger she shared a brief connection with the other day is a new surgeon at the hospital where she works. And now everybody wants to know who he is, and from what part of Heaven, the hunky and enigmatic angel fell. But Penina knows, if she’s smart, she’ll stay far away from Dr. Jake Sparrow—if that’s even his real name. She has a habit of attracting and falling for liars and cheaters, and that’s exactly who the secretive Dr. Sparrow feels like to her. However, at times she catches him staring at her from across the room, and when he does, her heart races like the wind. He’s so seductive, so yummy, which is why Penina can no longer resist him. Then, one day she discovers what he’s been hiding, and his secret hits closer to home than she could ever imagine.

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