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Review – The Two Of Us by Kennedy Fox

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The Two Of Us; Love In Isolation #1 
(A standalone within a series)

by: Kennedy Fox

Review Rating:



Absolute perfection!! Kennedy Fox captured the current world events magnificently and brought love where there is tragedy. This is a story about love at a time where there has been so much loss and it is pure perfection.

No matter how you have been hit with the global pandemic, The Two Of Us will touch you on some emotional level. This is an epidemic that everyone has been going through together. Whether you are essential, non-essential, working from home, working right in the hot zones, trying to shop for toilet paper, teaching your children math, you or a family member has been sick either from COVID-19 or any other illness and needed medical attention or just to quarantine from your loved ones, the list goes on and on as to what we all have faced as a nation or throughout the world. Nothing about the last few months has been easy for anyone.  The Two Of Us will touch of something that falls within a pandemic crisis category, but know that Kennedy Fox did it in beautifully touching way.

Eli and Cami pull you into this quarantine, which we have all been experiencing in one way or another, and even with the monotony of our days that feel like a week has dragged on for a month (don’t worry the characters feel it too) we also know that this pandemic has changed us in some way or another (again, the characters also realize this, aside from just the love aspect and I love seeing growth in any character I read).

Kennedy Fox not only wrote an adorable enemies-to-lovers romance, but they also hit beautifully and tactifully on so many points of this global crisis. I was riveted the entire way through and couldn’t put the story down once I started.

Do yourself a favor and pick up Eli and Cami’s story when it releases, you will love falling in love right along with them and perhaps feel a bit more comforted that there are people out there just like yourself who feel everything you have been feeling during this pandemic.


What do you do when the entire nation is on lockdown?

If you’re an heiress to a billion-dollar fashion company, then you quarantine in a glamorous cabin and finish your final semester of NYU online. The best way to focus on her upcoming valedictorian honor is away from her family, classmates, and the paparazzi. Cameron St. James is ready to get out of the big city and head Upstate for seclusion, despite her parents’ pleas to stay home.

What do you do when a pandemic is sweeping the world?

If you’re barely making ends meet, then you isolate yourself in your best friend’s mountain cabin with breathtaking views and no neighbors for miles. It’s the perfect safe place away from three roommates who don’t take the life-threatening epidemic seriously. Elijah Ross is ready to work remotely and focus on his next big promotion, assuming he’ll still have a job after this.

What happens when things don’t go as planned, and you’re stuck with the one person you dislike the most?

You improvise and do whatever it takes to avoid each other, though it proves to be impossible. The cold evenings alone turn into movie and popcorn nights together by the fireplace. Days turn into weeks, and eventually, more than just a friendship blossoms. As the unknown haunts them, they lean on one another for comfort—until someone pops their safety bubble and threatens everything.

The Two of Us is an enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend standalone romance set in the current affairs of history in the making. Though the character’s storyline is fiction, the virus is very real, and we’ve made sure to be sensitive on this topic.

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