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Review – One Night Only by Lauren Blakely

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One Night Only; After Dark 
(A standalone within a series)

by: Lauren Blakely

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A carnal delight that will melt your panties right off! Brought to you by the talented Lauren Blakely, Only One Night brings you to Sin City where Ivy and Callum are both wicked and delicious. As a warning, you will need to turn your air conditioning up when they incorporate Callum’s friend, Stone, into the mix because you ignite.

Ivy and Callum have been dancing around the chemistry between them since he began working for her. He refuses to give in since he’s her bodyguard, not wanting to put her life in danger by letting his guard down and frankly she’s too busy to push the attraction since she’s just exhausted getting the renovations done in her hotel.

When Callum’s best friend comes for a visit, he pushes their buttons, easily seeing their attraction, and things get very heated. Desires are matched and met and it might be difficult to go back to being just boss and employee after their agreed upon night together.

Part of the After Dark collection, Blakely definitely brings the sin to Sin City.


A delicious new After Dark novella featuring a strong, protective bodyguard and the beautiful, brilliant hotel heiress he protects…

I shouldn’t want my bodyguard the way I do. His job is to protect me. It’s not to fulfill all my filthy wishes.

And so I resist him, fighting the enticing pull of the strong, powerful man who watches over me.

Until the night we combust in my penthouse suite.

It won’t happen again, we say the next day.

Besides, my mission is singular — pull off the event of a lifetime — a one-night only concert with one of the world’s biggest rock stars.

A man my bodyguard happens to know.

And a good bodyguard knows all sorts of things about his client. Turns out he knows my secret desires, and he wants to make them come true. Including a VIP engagement so I can experience both men at the same time…

I want to say yes, but what if I fall even more in love with the man whose mission is to keep me safe?

ONE NIGHT ONLY is a red-hot, sexy love story with a toe-curling, sheet-grabbing MFM sequence.

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