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Review – One Click Love by T. Gephart

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One Click Love; Hot in the City #2 
(A standalone within a series)

by: T. Gephart

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T. Gephart writes great comedy intermixed with wonderful humility. Her characters always speak to me and I’m never, ever disappointed when I pick up one of her books. One Click Love is a win from cover to the very last page.

Mack is the ultimate hero in a battalion chief; sweet, sexy, brave, compassionate, caring, loyal, etc…A total catch, but his ex-wife (who is a total nutcase) left him a little shy from jumping back into the dating world. When he is set up on a dating site, as a gift for his birthday, he wasn’t going to answer any of the notifications, that is until one particular match caught his eye, Hayden Green.

Hayden is newly divorced, on paper anyway. She’s been separated longer and emotionally distanced even longer before that. She is ready to jump back into the single scene, but looking for something short term. She’s already lost herself to a man, given away her self esteem and any chance of a future with her selfish ex. So when Mack’s profile pop’s up he’s just too sexy not to try and match up with, but when he actually answers she has no idea that he’s just the man she wasn’t looking for.

Neither Hayden nor Mack were looking for something long term when they met up for their first date, but after a night that neither of them would ever forget it was just too hard to imagine placing them into the one night stand category. Is it possible to find the perfect person through a dating site, especially when they have both been down the relationship road before?

Click on One Click Love and find out just how perfect these two matches really are for one another. You will not be disappointed.


What’s the worst present you can get for your 45th birthday? An online dating profile you didn’t want. And Mack was all set to delete it, until a message from Hayden lands in his inbox.

Hayden decided the best way to celebrate ending a long, loveless marriage was to have a one-night stand. Pity she didn’t count on a sexy, fire chief foiling her plans.

Neither of them wanted a relationship, such a shame fate didn’t get the memo.

Coming June 5th – Pre Order now!!

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