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Review – Like You Hurt by Kaydence Snow

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Like You Hurt; Devilbend Dynasty #2 
(A standalone within a series)

by: Kaydence Snow

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Another fabulous hit in the Devilbend Dynasty series! Like You Hurt is full of sizzle and fire. You can just feel how good the hate sex will be brewing between these two as it jumps off the page with smoke and flames!

Welcome to Fulton Academy where the queen bee rules her kingdom. Everything isn’t always what it seems in a shiny castle…Donna Mead is barely keeping herself together. Perfection has a price and its costing her risky nights out with dangerous characters. Taking more and more chances she puts herself in the line of danger all in the name of being the perfect child, but even as the cost takes it toll, she’d continue doing it to keep her family happy.

Hendrix knows all about demons. He keeps his own locked up tight, so when he meets Donna he recognizes what’s brewing inside her.  He’s moved across the country to escape the nightmare that was his life, only to begin his senior year in a new school. All he wants to do is keep his head down, graduate and then escape into a life of anonymity, but Donna Mead seems to have other plans for him which doesn’t include staying off the radar.

Donna rules Fulton Academy and she doesn’t like when Hendrix arrives in her domain and threatens her order. Putting a target on his back she threatens his “keep a low profile” style and in turn he figures out her darkest secret. Their chemistry is off the charts and their bickering is serious foreplay that will melt your pages. Even though Donna is set to self-destruct, Hendrix knows how that life turns out in the end and as much as she is hell bent on getting under his skin he can’t seem to stop himself from protecting her.

Senior year at Fulton Academy is set to HOT!!


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'lhatecl her FOR WHAT SHE REPRESENTED, BUT I HATED MYSELF MORE FOR WHAT I USED TO BE. like you HURT DEVILBEND DYNASTY'


What kind of idiot gets on my bad side on his first day at my school? Hendrix Hawthorn is arrogant, cocky, infuriatingly attractive and clearly doesn’t realise I can make his life hell.

Which is exactly what I intend to do… until he shows up in the one place no one knows I go to – the one place that makes me feel alive. Now my reputation is in his hands, but I’ll be damned if I go down without a fight.


What kind of spoiled brat thinks I’ll just fall at her feet like the rest of these jerks? Donna Mead is a stone-cold bitch and I don’t want anything to do with her or her friends.

It’s bad enough I have to finish senior year at Fulton Academy – exactly the kind of place where I made the single biggest mistake of my life. I just want to keep my head down, get decent grades… until she shows up where she doesn’t belong. Now I can’t seem to stop myself from trying to prevent Donna from ruining her life like I did.

The Devilbend Dynasty Series.

Like You Care: http://geni.us/likeyoucare
Like You Hurt: http://geni.us/likeyouhurt

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Book Reviews, New Adult, Year of Reviews - 2020

Review – Rich Prick by Tijan

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Rich Prick 
(An interconnected standalone)

by: Tijan

Review Rating:



Aspen and Blaise had me caught up in their world from the moment I opened the book. Apart these two are a complete mess, making mistakes and avoiding life, but together they not only complete each other, fill in all the gaps they are missing, but they are magic. They bring out the light where darkness used to reside.

While Rich Prick is a complete standalone, it does interconnect with several characters from Tijan’s previous works, and while it may help fill in gaps at the mention of names or events, you can still read this book without having read the others, but still follow along without any trouble.

Both Blaise and Aspen had lived in Fallen Crest when they were younger, but unlike Blaise who kept in touch with the most popular kids in the school, Aspen is a recluse and prefers to be a wallflower among the student population.

Now both have returned for their senior year and Blaise returned like he owned the school, but not a single person even took notice of Aspen… well I take that back, one person did.

Blaise was intrigued by the quiet girl whom no one seemed to really know. When he first saw her watching him, he wondered what her deal was. Even after talking to her he couldn’t seem to shake his fascination and he knew he should let it go, he had enough to deal with in his own home life. Moving back to Fallen Crest after he discovered the man who had raised him wasn’t his biological father only to live closer to his actual father. Add in that he also had a half brother and sister living here wasn’t exactly the thrilling news he wanted to begin his senior year of high school. He was angry all the time.  Angry and ready to fight, except when he was around Aspen. Something he found himself doing more and more of and he wasn’t sure what to think of that.

Aspen was fascinated with Blaise and when he basically pushed his way into her life she allowed him to do so. It wasn’t that she was lonely, given that she had absolutely no friends, that was how she preferred her life. There was something inside Blaise that called to her maybe that same loneliness that they both felt, which was odd because he was always surrounded by people, but they definitely had a connection and she was going to soak it up at every opportunity he gave her. She figured their time was limited no matter what. Everyone in her life always left, why would Blaise be any different.

Trying to navigate between his friends, which included catty girls, huge parties (which set Aspen on edge as a loner), and just the concept of this being a relationship for either one of them, Rich Prick has everything that a really excellent new adult book should be. The right balance of angst, the emotional journey, what happens next, basically Tijan made everything absolutely perfect!


He walked into school on his first day and owned it.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re a prick, rich, and you’re best friends with the ruling school’s king.

Also didn’t hurt he’s drop dead gorgeous.

That’s all fine.

I mean, I have nothing to do with them.

I’m a loner, invisible, and that’s how I wanted it to be.

I was even proud of it, until I wasn’t.

Until I saw a girl kneel before him.

Until I couldn’t look away.

Until he caught me watching.

His name is Blaise Devroe. My name is Aspen Monson.

He only knew how to get, command, and demand attention.

I knew how to do everything but that.

And this is our story.

Rich Prick, an all-new unforgettable, opposites-attract romance by New York Times bestselling author Tijan, is releasing June 15th!

*Rich Prick is a full 100k standalone.

Pre-order your copy today!
Apple Books: https://apple.co/3dr5HSh
Nook: https://bit.ly/2U0R4Ny
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2ZXVRTX
Rich Prick will be available exclusively in Kindle Unlimited on June 15th!

Add RICH PRICK to Goodreads: https://bit.ly/2ArZt5G

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