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Review – Dangerous Billionaire by Luma Rose

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Dangerous Billionaire; Rich and Shameless #2 
(An interconnected standalone within a series)

by: Luma Rose

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Dangerous Billionaire is packed with adrenaline, mystery, and intrigue. It’s a well worth book to add to your summer reading. It’s an interconnected storyline, but can be read as a standalone.

A politician with a dark secret and a longing to release the pain that swirls inside of him. Ford Masterson appears to have it all; money, looks, a golden path to opportunity, but inside he’s a black pit of darkness just waiting to be unleashed. Ford may be the mayor of Denver and he has things to do that don’t involve his crooked father, unfortunately his father has other ideas.

Naomi is working undercover for the FBI and her latest case puts her in Masterson’s office. Not only is she working to bring down Senator Masterson, but in doing so she will have vindicated her father’s death that she knows deep down he had a hand in orchestrating. When she took this assignment she never thought about what stood in her way, that was until she met Ford Masterson.

Ford and Naomi soon discover that they have a lot in common, their dislike for the Senator being one of them, but neither of them reveal all of their cards. Ford doesn’t know that Naomi is working for the FBI and Naomi doesn’t know for sure that Ford wouldn’t choose family above her. With time running out who will get hurt in the end?


I’ve finally escaped from under my father’s political shadow—I’m no longer the political prince—I’m mayor now. It might not be a Senator but it’s the first step of my well-orchestrated plan to one day dethrone my father.

True to form, my dad comes demanding his due. Asking something from me I can’t give him unless I want to hand him more leverage to use against me.

Still, the pieces are coming together until Naomi Beneton shows up in my office. At first, she’s my savior—the best assistant a guy could ask for. But then I start to appreciate her quick wit and clingy dresses more than her administrative skills and things become complicated.

I realize too late that Naomi isn’t who she says she is. She holds the power to destroy everything, including the wall I’ve built around my heart. It would be easy to give into my desire for her, but she has no idea how much of a danger I am to her.

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