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Review – Charmed by Lexi Blake

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Charmed; A Masters and Mercenaries Novella #20.5 
(A novella within a series)

by: Lexi Blake

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This new book by Lexi Blake was perfection! Blake fans will love the circle of interconnections sprinkled throughout the story and all readers will love the intense story between JT and Nina.

JT Malone needs help to flush out a corporate spy and a snitch hidden within his own personal. Something that is above his pay grade, but luckily he happens to have the family connections and knows who to call. Simon West is his cousin so McKay-Taggart is on the case, but his cousin has also moved on to new adventures with his wife. So they send in a lovely female agent, Nina Blunt, and she is ready to take down the person who is threatening JT’s company, but he wasn’t quite ready to meet the sexy woman himself.

Nina normally works out of the London offices, but everyone seems to be on maternity/paternity leave lately. Her mission is to find the spy who wants to buy JT’s prototype and weed out the snitch within his company who wants to sell it. It should be an easy case, that is until she meets the man himself. When JT and Nina find they have strong connection from the get go, but when danger begins to move in JT doesn’t like the fact that she places herself in front of it. However, Nina holds firm that if he can’t support her in her job that he doesn’t support her period. Their overall relationship is powerful and has a wonderful dynamic.

I love these novellas. They feel like Christmas, birthday, and every holiday present all wrapped up in one. They are a gift from Lexi, a glimpse into how characters are doing, sometimes a catchup of storylines, or a look into what’s ahead. Charmed was like eating my favorite cake – I couldn’t get enough and I wanted more.


From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake comes a new story in her Masters and Mercenaries series…

JT Malone is lucky, and he knows it. He is the heir to a billion-dollar petroleum empire, and he has a loving family. Between his good looks and his charm, he can have almost any woman he wants. The world is his oyster, and he really likes oysters. So why does it all feel so empty?

Nina Blunt is pretty sure she’s cursed. She worked her way up through the ranks at Interpol, fighting for every step with hard work and discipline. Then she lost it all because she loved the wrong person. Rebuilding her career with McKay-Taggart, she can’t help but feel lonely. It seems everyone around her is finding love and starting families. But she knows that isn’t for her. She has vowed never to make the mistake of falling in love again.

JT comes to McKay-Taggart for assistance rooting out a corporate spy, and Nina signs on to the job. Their working relationship becomes tricky, however, as their personal chemistry flares like a wildfire. Completing the assignment without giving in to the attraction that threatens to overwhelm them seems like it might be the most difficult part of the job. When danger strikes, will they be able to count on each other when the bullets are flying? If not, JT’s charmed life might just come to an end.

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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