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Review – Aggro by Coralee June and Carrie Gray

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(A standalone)

by: Coralee June and Carrie Gray 

Review Rating:



Throw out all your preconceived ideas because Aggro will blow them all away! Aggro is unlike anything else you will read this year!

This is a story with twists that wraps and loops around until the very end, a total page turner. Each character is dependent upon the other while grieving the loss of a loved one, displaying how grief is different for everyone and how the healing process happens. It cannot be forced or timelined or even mapped out in perfect steps, especially when it is surrounded by a heinous crime. Not only do we get to witness how fluid grief is through each character, but the tension mounts while we try to find a murderer.

Aggro will have you turning pages with the constant back and forth “who done it” mind set, but you also will love the deep moments where the characters are wallowing in grief, but then growing in love from their reflection. Their friendship and family bond is deep proving that Aggro is a must read for 2020!!


Two boys.
One tragedy.
Grief bonds us.
The mystery of this murder will break us.

My best friend was brutally ripped from this world, but her brother and boyfriend are still here.

One of them wants to use me.
The other wants to forget me.

Both of them make me feel alive.

We’ll find Violet’s murderer, no matter the cost.

Two boys.
One tragedy.
Grief bonds us.
Love will tear us apart.

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