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Review – Wild Night by Mari Carr

Book cover for Wild Night: Frenemies Romance (Wilder Irish Book 10) by Mari Carr

Wild Night; Wilder Irish #10 
(A standalone within a series)

by: Mari Carr

Review Rating:



I adore Mari Carr’s family books! Even if it has been awhile since I’ve read this series once I pick up I know I’m home.
The big Collins family continues to grow, but somethings remain the same, like the loveable Pop Pop dishing out advice and you can always count on the young, single members of the family keeping his life interesting and eventually wising up enough to take it.

Colm Collins and his identical twin Padraig have grown up with the “girl next door” Kelli Peterson. While Kelli was really Padraig’s best friend, Colm and Kelli were more like frenemies, oil and water, fire and tinder, and every other metaphor that suggested these two just couldn’t help pushing each other’s buttons. So when most people in the Collins family expected that Paddy and Kelli might actually end up together, it was more of a shock that after a blistering Halloween night that it was Colm and Kelli that really did.

Colm never really believed in love, unlike most of everyone else in his family and Kelli also had given up on finding love. These two were both at the same point in their jaded dating game, although perhaps Kelli maybe more so. When Colm figures out first that Kelli is the girl for him, he gives her some time to catch up, knowing how stubborn she can be, after all he’s known her her entire life, but when her stubbornness digs in and grows roots Colm throws out all the stops and tries everything to win over the love of his life.

Mari Carr’s book are full of all the swoon, steamy smexy bits and lots of beautiful family moments!


Confirmed bachelor Colm is living the good life with a thriving law practice and all the freedom the playboy has come to enjoy. Until a city-wide blackout and the greatest sex he’s ever had has him reconsidering his single status. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize the woman of his dreams is actually his lifelong frenemy, Kelli.

After a few too many drinks at a Halloween party, Kelli spends the night in the arms of a man who rocks her world. However, when she learns her mystery Mr. Right is Mr. Hell No, Colm Collins, she’s ready to run for the hills.

But Colm refuses to accept just one wild night with her. He wants them all and the sexy man plays dirty.

Frenemies Romance.

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