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Review – When the Time is Right by Aly Martinez and M. Mabie

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When the Time is Right
(A standalone)

by: M. Mabie and Aly Martinez

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Brilliant, Suburb, Excellent!! The phenomenal Martinez and Mabie writing duo is back and at their best! This best friends-to-lovers romance is full of snark, an unbreakable friendship, a heroine looking for big D energy and a hero who is modestly able to deliver.

Lex and Hudson have basically grown up together. They have not only shared awkward teenage moments, but laughter, heartache, and everything in between.

Hudson was there when Lex’s fiancé died, helping her pick up the pieces of her life and Lex was there when Hudson became a single/co-parenting father at the young age of 22. They have supported one another and been thick as thieves for years, but their attraction to each other has been hidden behind very high walls. When those walls begin to lower and they both take a peek, could they really have been into each other longer, but completely obvious for most of their lives? Does that really happen in real life? When the time is right it just might.

When the Time is Right is so much fun, full of sarcastic flirtiness, and whether they are friends or lovers the banter is top notch the entire read through. I love that both characters are so thick that neither realized an attraction was there. Their friendship was solid first and foremost which made them falling in love adorable.

Did I say the word adorable…now…let me mention Hudson’s son, Jack. This kid is worthy of his own book. OMG…cutest kid ever written. And Hudson as a single father…how did the man stay single for so long, that is my only question? You are going to fall in love with Jack, which means you will fall in love with Hudson guaranteed!


Fate doesn’t always happen overnight.

Hudson Bradley is the cockiest, most stubborn, hard-headed man I’ve ever known. And for fifteen years, he’s been my brother’s best friend.

But lately, what I’m feeling for him isn’t friendship at all.

Why is my heart racing every time his blue eyes lock on mine?
Why does every word he rumbles in my ear make my body come alive?
And worst of all, why did I bet him that I could find a woman he and his son would both love?

If I hadn’t given up on love altogether, Hudson would have been perfect for me. After all, he was there the day my world fell apart. He’s spent the last six years piecing me back together.

There are a million reasons why we could never work, but after a single kiss, I can’t remember any of them.

Now that the time is right, I have to make him mine—before I lose him forever.

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