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Review – Needing You Close by Kennedy Fox

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Holding You Close; Ex-Con Duet Series #2 
(Gemma and Tyler duet #2)

by: Kennedy Fox

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Needing You Close is the second part of a duet, and picks up right where Keeping You Away ended and if you want to get the best experience out of the story you will want to read the first part of he duet first.

Now that that is out of the way….Needing You Close is the continuation of Gemma and Tyler’s story and full of everything you would could possibly hope for. A sweet, slow-burn love story that both of them deserve after waiting for so many years. Yes, there is some angst in still arriving to that point, but considering so much of their story was already filled with it in the first half of their story, I love that this half they ignored the world and lived in a rose colored bubble. A lot of the story was focused on the two of them just falling in love all over again. Don’t underestimate any author when a couple is living in a bubble, at some time it is going to pop, but oh….that bubble was so sweet while it lasted. (I know Brooke and Lyra were manically laughing when they popped that bubble though as all good authors do).

For fans of the other series, where Tyler first made his appearance, you will love catching up with former characters, but it is not necessary to have read them to still enjoy these brief references. You will also get a brief insight into the future characters and what’s on the horizon with the next duets. I’m excited to see where this entire series arc goes.

Back to Tyler and Gemma. They build on their friendship in this second half of the duet, while also looking for more as a potential future, but it is hard while Gemma tries to escape her present and Tyler is still running from his past.

Their timing just never seems right when Robert’s demands become overbearing and Gemma finally wants to call it off, but jumping right into something new with Tyler shouldn’t be right, unless Gemma never really fell out of love with him after all. Can they escape the monster in a rich suit and finally be together or are they both too late? Who will win in the end and what ever happened to Victoria? Don’t worry…all of your questions will be answered and you will love this story.


I never expected to see my first love again after he left me twelve years ago. Though I’ve moved on, working with Tyler is no easy task—especially when he focuses his bedroom eyes on me. Flirting with the past is like playing with fire, and considering I’m engaged, I’m bound to get burned.

When the man I promised to marry reveals he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I run to the safety of Tyler’s strong arms. As we grow closer, so do our feelings. Threats and ultimatums are made, and the revelation of the truth is enough to bring me to my knees. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my family, even if it means shredding my heart.

Too dangerous, too unpredictable, too risky to handle alone—we need each other now more than ever.

After our world nearly collapses, there’s nothing left to do but take it back. Tyler and I team up to destroy the people who are determined to ruin our second chance at a happily ever after. Though our love is undeniable, I just hope it’s enough. We’ll fight until the end to be together—regardless of who tries to get in our way.

NEEDING YOU CLOSE is a slow-burn, angsty romance wrapped up in an intense love story. It’s book 2 in the Tyler & Gemma duet and must be read in order.

Keeping You Away (Tyler & Gemma, #1; Ex-Con Duet Series, #1)Keeping You Away, Gemma and Tyler duet #1

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Blog Tour – Want You to Want Me by Lorelei James

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“Deliciously real, modern, hot, and funny.”
—New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans

Want You to Want Me, a sexy friends-to-lovers contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James is available now!

wytwm cover

Hockey player Gabriella “Gabi” Welk spent her life in pursuit of championships, but she has little to show for it besides dusty trophies and second-place medals. Now her career consists of several part-time jobs to make ends meet. When Gabi gets a chance at her dream job, she swallows her pride and asks her nemesis—smart, sexy and savvy Nolan Lund—for help.

Since being named future CEO of Lund Industries, Nolan has tried hard to overcome his reputation as a fun-loving playboy and ladies’ man. For the first time ever, he’s more focused on the company than his personal life. He spends his free time at the ice rink his brother owns, cheering on his niece at her hockey games…and watching Gabriella Welk, the superstar athlete and assistant coach who gets under his skin in a way he can’t ignore. He’s shocked when Gabi agrees to trade a favor for a favor.

They have little in common besides their mutual mistrust, but between family crises and sibling rivalries, Nolan and Gabi realize they want to be more than just friends—much more.


Download your copy today!
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3c2p2rE
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2RuWcbD
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Read Kay’s Review: Want You To Want Me





“The first random text you sent me. Christ. That might’ve been the corniest joke I’d ever heard, but I laughed my ass off for like five minutes. I’d had a shit day, I was still at work, feeling alone and pissy, and then your text pinged. For a brief shining moment, I knew someone in the world was thinking about me.”
“For real?” she whispered.
“Absolutely for real.” I let my lips brush the top of her ear. “I kept it casual and friendly. Biding my time until . . .”
“Until what?”
“Until I could make it clear to you that I intended to take friendly to a whole new level with us.” Feathering my mouth between her cheekbone and her ear, I murmured, “So tell me, Gabriella, when was I supposed to do that this week? When you came to me in a panic on Monday? When I texted you and asked if you had time for lunch on Tuesday and you turned me down? Or when I stopped by the rink last night and you sent me packing? Or tonight when I stormed into the men’s locker room because I worried you were really hurt?”
“You . . .” A shiver rolled through her. “Stop whispering in my ear, goddammit, it’s making it hard to think.”
She rolled her shoulder—to get closer or to get away from me? I froze. Waiting. When she stayed put, I had the answer I needed.
And looky there, she’d also given me better access to that tempting neck. “Jesus, you smell good.”
“It’s just lotion.”
“It’s just you,” I half growled. “Have I mentioned that you were fucking magnificent on the ice tonight?”
“No . . . Oh god, that feels . . .” She moaned as I planted soft kisses down the front of her throat.
“Mmm. I want to do this all night. But I won’t, because you have a big day tomorrow. And I won’t add to your stress of that by keeping on about this, but we both know it’s been building toward this.”I nuzzled the skin below her ear. “Am I wrong?”

Lorelei's author pic (1)

Meet Lorelei James

Lorelei James is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy westerns in the Rough Riders series and the Blacktop Cowboys® series, steamy romance in the Mastered series, contemporary romance in the Need You series and Want You series, and the New Adult Rough Riders Legacy series, as well as several stand-alone novels and novellas. Lorelei’s books have been nominated for and won the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award as well as the CAPA Award. Lorelei also writes gritty mysteries under the name Lori Armstrong. Both she and her alter ego live in western South Dakota–yes, by choice–with her husband, and Copper, their crazy corgi who has made their empty nest more interesting.

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Blog Tour – Trust Me by Grahame Claire

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“Prepare yourself for some sexy swoons!”—Catherine Cowles

Trust Me, a must read sexy standalone from USA Today bestselling author Grahame Claire is now available!


I’m done with love.

That’s why I’m back in the city I ran away from in the first place.

I swear the decision to stay has nothing to do with my new roommate and everything with what I left behind.

So what if I’m attracted to her?

She’s easy on the eyes. Smart. Driven.

And we’re on the same page when it comes to relationships: We don’t do them.

But our lives have quickly fallen in sync.

Too easily. Too seamlessly.

I’m laying down roots and making plans for a future I can’t see without her in it.

Sometimes I think I can’t live with her . . .

But what if I can’t live without her?

Trust Me - AN

Download your copy today!
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3fKltZb
Apple Books: https://apple.co/2YePnyz
Amazon Worldwide: http://mybook.to/trustmegc
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ReviewRead Kay’s Review: Trust Me

Trust Me - teaser 6 AN


Holt’s coveralls were filthy. He had a smudge of grease on his cheek. His hair was a wreck, strands of it haphazard in opposing directions.
Relief rushed through me even as I stood a little straighter.
“You should lock the door.” He kicked it shut and shucked off his leather jacket, tossing it on the back of the sofa.
My pulse thrummed a rapid beat with every step he took toward the kitchen. His eyes were locked on mine, but I couldn’t read anything but the heat in them. Fury or desire, I didn’t know. He looked exhausted, that much I could tell.
He swiped the glass from my hand and drained half, making a disgusted face when he handed it back to me. “How do you drink that stuff?” He grimaced and went to the fridge, grabbing a beer and twisting the top off.
“Like this.” I made a show of putting the glass to my lips, slowly tipping it back until the dark liquid flowed into my mouth. “Delicious,” I said once I’d swallowed.
His throat bobbed as he watched me. His eyes slid down my body when I lowered the glass to the counter.
“Nice dress.” His gaze lingered at the V where just a hint of cleavage peeked out.
I’d worn the red A-line dress for him. To get his attention. Pathetic.
“That what people who work at a magazine wear?” He pointed his beer toward me, heat burning a trail where his eyes wandered down my body all the way to my heels.
“Only the easy ones.”
“I already explained that,” he said with a hint of impatience.
“I know what easy means.” He had explained and I loved his nickname, but I was still pissy after he hadn’t come home last night. “Apparently you’re well acquainted with the definition.”
He wiped the back of his mouth with his hand. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
I lifted one shoulder to my ear. “Nothing.”
He set his bottle down and closed the distance between us, though he was careful not to touch his clothes to my dress.
“You’d better clarify, Easy. This grease monkey isn’t following.”
I barely heard what he said, blindsided when the scent of motor oil wafted into my nostrils. I gripped the rounded edge of the counter and pressed my lower back into it to get away. It was useless. I was dizzy with the combination of sweat, garage, and Holt.
“I said nothing.” I lifted my chin, as I pretended not to be affected. There was no way I was asking if he’d been with someone the night before. “And stay out of my room.”
“That’s where the only working bathroom is. You knew that when we moved in.”
“Sounds like you’ve got a problem then.” I shrugged, and he scowled.
“No problem.” His voice held dark promise and unspoken desire.
Every inch of me ached for him to touch me, his breath ghosting across my face not anywhere near enough. I clenched my thighs together. That did nothing to stop the throb of heat in my core.
“You stink.” I wrinkled my nose and prayed he believed the lie.
“Then why’d you just inch closer, Easy?”
“I didn’t,” I said indignantly. “Can you back up, please? I have plans.”
He flattened his palms on the stone surface on either side of me. “We have plans.”
I held my breath to keep from taking any more of that intoxicating scent in, but I had to let it go so I could speak. “We do not.”
Holt winked at me, a signature move of the Dixon men. I should have been immune, but I melted. “Sure we do. It’s in our roommate agreement. Friday nights, we hang out.”
I shoved at his shoulders. “What are you talking about?” My voice was shaky, far too affected for my liking. “We don’t have a roommate agreement.”
“Sure, we do,” he said easily. “Did we or did we not agree to be roommates?”
I stared at him a moment. This was a trick question. It was too easy not to be. “Um . . . yes?”
He tapped the tip of my nose and grinned. “Exactly. And since we agreed to be roommates, we agreed to Friday nights. I’m picking this week. Pizza. Beer. And The Walking Dead.”
“Did you get hit on the head at work today?”
“Not that I remember,” he said cheekily.
I quirked my mouth to one side. “Inhale toxic fumes?”
“Probably.” He flashed his perfect white teeth at me.
My gaze dropped to his mouth, and I had to fight desperately to keep from doing something really stupid. Like kiss him the way my lips burned to.
“I have plans,” I said weakly.
“I know. We just went over them. Pizza. Beer—”
I held up my hand. “I got it. I got it.”
“Good.” He dipped his head closer to mine, our eyes locked. His were full of the kind of mischief I definitely wanted a part of.
He rapped his knuckles on the counter twice, and I jumped, narrowly avoiding head butting him. That grin turned knowing before he backed out of my space.
“Wait to change until I’m out of the shower. I need my privacy,” he said over his shoulder as he sauntered toward the bedroom.
I sagged against the counter when he disappeared, blindly feeling around for my wine glass. Once in hand, I downed the rest in one long swallow. Sweet Jesus that man put me in a tailspin.
He couldn’t get that close again. I’d never survive however long we lived together.
I marched down the hall with determined steps.
“We need to establish . . .” I lost my train of thought at the sight of him bare-chested, coveralls hanging off his hips. We had to get that bathroom fixed. Stat.
“Establish?” He twirled his hand in front of him in a finish that thought gesture.
I cleared my throat and dragged my eyes away from those cut abs up to his face. So that wasn’t really a hardship. “Boundaries. We need to establish boundaries.”
He shook his index finger at me. “Yes. I told you I needed some privacy, yet you tear in here like the house is on fire.”
“You can’t get in my personal space again.”
Holt shoved his coveralls off his hips, leaving him only in charcoal gray boxer briefs. “Easy, we live together. You can’t get any more up in each other’s personal space than that.”

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Cover Reveal – The Drafted Anthology Volumes 1 and 2

The stories from The Drafted Anthology volumes 1&2 are coming to e-book soon.
But first, give their AMAZING covers a salute!

(some links redirect to the author’s Amazon page)
Coming Home by CJ Allison – https://amzn.to/3kpQgNN
Marco’s Salvation by E.M. Shue – https://amzn.to/3a4R2ew
Taming Keys by Khloe Wren – https://amzn.to/3ihPHE4
Catch and Release by Nicole S. Patrick – https://amzn.to/3a4rga8
Bent Not Broken by Nikki Mays – https://amzn.to/31shUBq
I’ll Give It All by Gianna Gabriela – https://amzn.to/3kqTUHc
Kade’s Worth by Heather Slade – https://amzn.to/3kycnC2
Fight or Flight by Janine Infante Bosco – https://amzn.to/30AnTVn
Lone Star by Kate Kinsley – https://amzn.to/2DxpPW0
Cover of Darkness by Lisa B. Kamps – https://amzn.to/2F32yf3

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Prepare for an invasion of thrilling military romance as some of your favorite Tempted and Tantalizing Authors join forces for Drafted, a two-volume #TNTNYC20 Exclusive Anthology. Each paperback features the bravest, toughest, most bad-ass heroes to ever wear the uniform!

Volume One takes no prisoners with sexy, suspenseful short stories by C.J. Allison, E.M. Shue, Khloe Wren, Nicole S. Patrick, & Nikki Mays.

Volume Two will capture your heart with irresistible reads from Gianna Gabriela, Heather Slade, Janine Infante Bosco, Kate Kinsley, Lisa B. Kamps, & Scott Hildreth.

Get your boots on the ground and do whatever it takes to snag your copies of this two-part anthology!

C.J. Allison — https://cjallisonauthor.wixsite.com
Janine Infante Bosco — https://www.janineinfantebosco.com
Gianna Gabriela — https://giannagabriela.com
Lisa B. Kamps — https://www.lisabkamps.com
Kate Kinsley — https://katekinsleyauthor.com
Nikki Mays — https://www.nikkimays.com
Nicole S. Patrick — http://nicolespatrick.com
E.M. Shue — https://www.authoremshue.com
Heather Slade — https://heatherslade.com
Khloe Wren — http://www.khloewren.com