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Review – Necessary Pursuit by Mari Carr and Lila Dubois

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Necessary Pursuit; Trinity Masters #12 
(Interconnected within a series)

by: Mari Carr and Lila Dubois

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While this is book twelve in the Trinity Masters series, this was my first time visiting this particular world. While I’ve read both authors separately, I’ve had this writing duo on my TBR for awhile and now that I’ve finally had a chance to dive into their suspenseful menage series I’m kicking myself for waiting so long. Necessary Pursuit is full of smexy, steamy times, but it is also an international pursuit of catching and taking down all the bad guys.

It is almost scary how the authors whip up all of the intellectual knowledge to add into this book. Their search history must throw up all the red flags…but seriously… We have a physicist, a bomb engineer, and a computer hacker in this romance trinity. These three do joke throughout the story that they sound like a comic book evil group, or what they know would make them perfect super villains. The intelligence between them is so high, that it is funny and I’m glad that the authors use humor throughout the book to showcase it.

They also are very aware of the danger that surrounds them, but stop to appreciate the quiet moments and use that time to appreciate each other. I think because of their jobs, and also because they are on the run, they are very aware that life is short so they use their time to their advantage.

Mari and Lila do a wonderful job piecing together the three characters and showcasing their strengths. How they lean on one another and draw strength off each other when they each need it. That is so important in any multiple partner relationship so no one person is left out.

Overall, this was a great book, especially considering this was my first adventure into this Trinity world. I already have more on my TBR list to go back and catch up and I’m looking forward to it.


Oscar has no desire to join one of the two secret societies issuing him invitations and he sure as hell isn’t interested in an arranged menage marriage. They say you can’t die of a broken heart, but he almost did.

Deadly circumstances throw sexy physicist, Selene, and a dangerous man with a price on his head in his path. Now he’ll do anything to keep them safe.

All they have to do is evade a serious threat from a religious cult, defuse a bomb, prevent a war between the Trinity Masters and the Masters’ Admiralty…oh…and stay alive.

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