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Review – Body of Trust by Jeannine Colette

Book cover for Body of Trust: A Romantic Suspense Novel by Jeannine Colette

Body of Trust
(A standalone)

by: Jeannine Colette

Review Rating:

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In one night your entire world can change. Amelia discovers that she is not only has she been living in a bubble and her family is part of the Mafia, but the man she has had a crush on may hold more secrets than she knows and yet may be the only man she is able to trust with her life.

In this fast paced, nail biter new book by Jeannine Colette, Amelia’s ordinary world is blown wide open in one night while having drinks with her best friend. She’s lived in blissful ignorance that her family is part of the Mafia, while she lives a mundane existence crunching numbers as an auditor in an accounting firm. Her one indulgence is gorging on the eye candy, bartender-Jessie, where she meets her best friend every week for drinks. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect a shootout to occur on one of her weekly visits, nor for Jessie to turn into a James Bond and protect her with his life.

Once her life implodes Jessie doesn’t leave her side, turning up to save her life on multiple occasions and calming her down when the panic begins to set in. Perhaps the most startling revelation on top of her family keeping secrets from her entire life, Jessie not only is there to protect her, but wants to do it because he has feelings for her that he’s been harboring for quite some time, but that isn’t the only secret he is keeping.

Jessie is more than just the bartender than he has let her believe. He’s a man with lots of secrets and no matter how much Amelia is falling for him, she isn’t sure if she should trust him. Could he be setting her up to take the fall? Told from Amelia’s POV, this Mafia princess has to put her total trust in a man and it’s the scariest and most thrilling decision of her life.

A total of 4.5 stars for this surprise book with thrilling action and a book filled with secrets.


It started as a typical Friday night.
I went to Villa Russo, took a seat at the bar, had drinks with my cousin, and flirted with the beyond gorgeous blue-eyed bartender, Jesse Grant.
And then bullets rained down on the restaurant.
Jesse jumped over the bar, throwing his body over mine, and lead me to our escape into the hidden underground tunnels once run by the New York Mafia.
He saved my life that night.
And, he took ownership of my body and soul.
Then, he betrayed me.
Jesse isn’t just a bartender. He’s a man undercover, but for whom he won’t say. He’s playing two sides and I have to trust he’s the saint he claims, and not the devil I fear.
My life is on the line and everywhere I go he is there in the shadows earning my trust and making me fall for him even harder.
Mobsters, and mayhem. Lies and betrayal. My world is turned upside down, and I only know one thing to be true.
Jesse Grant is dangerous… for my heart.
It’s a matter of trust that he won’t be the one to break it.

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