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Review – Truth in Pieces by R.C. Boldt

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Truth in Pieces 
(A standalone)

by: R.C. Boldt

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Secrets, wrapped in lies and mixed with tons of chemistry! Truth in Pieces is a story full of intrigue and suspense right up until the very end.

Nico Alcanzar and Olivia Wright play a dangerous game with their secrets and lies. Nico is a known kingpin of a drug cartel and basically kidnaps Olivia, for her own safety, but for his own nefarious purposes as their story comes out in bits and pieces.

Olivia is a professor of psychology, what could she possibly be in danger of when Nico kidnaps her from her boring life? Finding out her biological mother is known as the Mother of Death and runs a rival the cartel knowing Nico will use her begins to make more sense.

Neither are willing to give up too much of themselves as the game between them goes on, but during quiet moments they show those inner layers beyond their high walls and perhaps truths behind the lies. Could Nico and Olivia be more than what they perceive to the world? These small truths almost hurt more than the lies they carry, for as much as they peel back the layers, having more is never a reality, the lies are too great and they will never be able to live beyond the danger.

Olivia finds herself falling for a known criminal, even with all of her knowledge in psychology, there is something about Nico that draws her in, when she should stay far away, but tell that to her heart which will break once he uses her like a disposable bargaining chip.

Who can you trust and who is telling the truth? In this battle of lies, this story will keep you guessing.


USA Today bestselling author RC Boldt melds sizzling romance with this unique tale of intrigue and deceit that will keep readers guessing until the very end…

Ruthless. Cunning. Deadly. That’s Nico Alcanzar, Miami’s biggest drug cartel leader.

And I’ve found myself directly in his crosshairs. He plans to use me to eliminate his number one competitor.

I become embedded in his life where he watches my every move. Then, I find myself doing the unthinkable: I fall for the glimpses of the man beneath the dark, menacing exterior.

I want him. The criminal. The murderer. The lover. The protector. The man who never asked for my heart.

The further I fall, the more ensnared I become in his tangled web of lies, masking the truth beneath.

Because when it comes to the art of deception, nothing is as it seems.


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