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Review – Reforming Kent by Siobhan Davis

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Reforming Kent; The Kennedy Boys #10 
(#10 within an interconnected series)

by: Siobhan Davis

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Siobhan Davis knows how to wrap us up in an angsty, passionate tale. Kent Kennedy has been broken for so long he seems almost beyond repair, but unable to put this book down Siobhan gave us a redemption story that is emotional and made my heart burst with love.

This is the final Kennedy book–unless Siobhan grants us with the next generation, pretty please–and she did not disappoint with saving the best for last. There is something so satisfying with a glorious redemption story. The fabled phoenix rising from the ashes. Kent surpases all expectations for being redemed.

For multiple books we were given a sense that there was more to Kent than just his bad boy persona. There was something underlying that caused a deep pitted trama, but due to Siobhan’s brilliance in her writing, she only gave us hints and kept up his awful behavior. Kent wasn’t ready to rise from the ashes, yet.

Enter Presley and for the first time in Kent Kennedy’s life those demon’s that have whispered in his ears for years were quiet. Presley is the flame to burn down those walls that even gives his phoenix a chance to rise. We get to see a side of Kent that we didn’t even know existed. Without giving too much away – for the Kennedy we assumed always had the most experience, he’s very much a virgin in the ways of wooing a woman. Kent is going to pull at your heartstrings and touch your soul unlike any of his brothers.

Presley is also going to wrap around your heart. She is strong, but sensitive in the very best ways. She is the perfect match for Kent, not taking his BS, but also finding her way through the arrogant man that he presents to the outside world to find the sensitive man he actually is underneath. She’s had a hard life, but she hasn’t let it break her, instead her strength is exactly what Kent needs to help him find his way out of the darkness he constantly lives in.

Out of the Kennedy brothers, Siobhan has written so many glorious couples, but I think Kent and Presley are one of the strongest and one of my favorite couples in the entire series.



Rogue. Troublemaker. Bad Boy. Delinquent.

Everyone thinks they know who I am, but they know nothing.
And that’s how I prefer it.
Keeping my demons under lock and key is my only survival tactic.
Until she enters my life, turning it upside down.
She thinks she can fix me. That I can reform myself and redeem my sins.
But I’m beyond the point of saving.
And if she doesn’t let go, I’ll only drag her down this dark hole with me.

Whitney is NOT Kent’s forever love. His lady love is Presley, a woman who was introduced at the end of Adoring Keaton.

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