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Review – Vow of Worth by Emma Renshaw

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Vow of Worth; Vow #6
(A standalone within a series)

by: Emma Renshaw

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It all begins with a precocious dog. Pepper Jack gets all the credit, not only for stealing the adorableness in this story, but he is the reason for bringing Kiernan and Caroline together–well, at least to their meet cute. Add in oily muscles, a delicious training session and wowza–this book has it all.

Okay, so Pepper Jack may be the class clown of his obedience training class, but he’s only taking on the traits of his owner–most likely. Kiernan is known for levitating situations with humor and back in high school he was voted class clown a time or two, so it certainly seems fitting that the dog he rescued is just like him. While he’s one of the best in intelligence at MarxMex, now bringing down the criminals who try to hurt others he was known as someone quite different when Caroline knew him.

When Kiernan walks into Caroline’s clinic and doesn’t recognize her, she shouldn’t feel hurt considering she’s basically been invisible her entire life, but she’s a different woman than she was years ago. Caroline has worked hard at shedding the skin of the invisible girl back in school or the girl her family doesn’t appreciate. She’s now a highly sought out veterinarian, hence why Kiernan is standing in her clinic, so when she tries to turn him away she digs deep down searching for vindication, unfortunately she doesn’t. Good thing for her, Kiernan is stubborn and shows up for her class even when she didn’t want him to.

Caroline’s life takes an intense turn when she’s pursued by a stalker and her safe life suddenly is violated. Thanks to the company where Kiernan works he’s able to help, but more so for his own peace of mind, he’s able to insert himself into her life and get a second chance at winning her over. Caroline and Kiernan grow closer while he tries to catch her stalker, but will they catch the man before things take a turn for the worse?

Filled with suspense and steamy romance – bring a fan to cool down because Emma brings the heat – Vow of Worth has it all!


She’s always existed in someone else’s shadow.

Caroline never thought she was good enough, always believing that little voice in the back of her head.

For the first time, Caroline is determined to ignore those feelings. She’s living for herself, loving her job as a vet, making a difference. Her simple and easy life is everything she could want, except for one thing…

He’s never let anyone see beneath his carefully crafted façade.

Kiernan has always been the life of the party. But he’s tired of no one expecting more from him than a good time. He’s ready for a purpose, to do some good in the world.

From the moment he walks into Caroline’s clinic, she knows who he is. The high school crush who never had a clue she existed. His handsome face threatens to resurrect all her self-doubt. But that was the old her.

When Caroline is threatened, she knows exactly whose doorstep to turn up on. Kiernan vows to protect her but, from the beginning, it’s more than a job.

She is his purpose. He is her missing piece.

But before they can discover everything they’ve been missing, a killer may take it all from them…

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