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Review – Empire High Betrayal by Ivy Smoak

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Empire High Betrayal; Empire High #3
(#3 within a series)

by: Ivy Smoak

Review Rating:



We pick up right after that last nail-biting, jaw-dropping cliffhanger in Elite….I swear Ivy is trying to give me a heart attack with this series!

I had bangxiety, murderxiety, which-boy-is-going-to-get-his-heart-brokenxiety…ok you get my drift. Brooklyn does gets herself into trouble more often than not. This is book three and it does appear to be her pattern, but the world around her is not the friendliest place.

Isabelle, her half sister, hates her, enough that she has tried to seriously hurt her multiple times. Matt and Brooklyn don’t always have the best communication which is why Brooklyn ends up kissing multiple boys, but those boys are drawn to the sweet innocence that seems to pour out of her considering she didn’t grow up there so it’s hard to blame her as the only one in the wrong. Then we have her father who is a bit of an enigma, is he exactly good or all bad? Will we find out….Hence the high anxiety. Ivy keeps it running through the entire book, which kept me turning pages from cover to cover.

Betrayal had it all, more Matt and Brooklyn, more Hunter brothers, more drama, just more  and yet I’m still anxious for more.


My new family is dangerous. I’ve heard the whispers. I’ve seen it firsthand. And my new last name puts me in danger too.

The only thing keeping me in this city is Matthew Caldwell. If I didn’t love him, I’d be long gone. But he says I’m changing. That I’m becoming the thing I hate. And I’m worried he might be right. What if I’m actually the dangerous one?

Because all I want to do is prove I belong here just as much as anyone else. I’m going to become one of the elite. I’m going to live like an Untouchable. And no one will be able to break me. Ever. Again.

But while I’m focused on fitting into this new world, I forget that the stakes are so much bigger than who’s the most popular at Empire High. I’m playing with life and death.

I should have seen it coming. After all…I betrayed everyone to get to where I am. It makes sense that one of them would betray me too.

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