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Review – On the Rebound by L.A. Cotton

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On the Rebound; Steinbeck U 
(A standalone)

by: L.A. Cotton

Review Rating:



Angsty, super charged with emotion, and so many goosebumps…A fantastic new book by L.A. Cotton!

I did read the Halloween novella, Trick or Treat, that appeared in Love at First Fright anthology so I was salivating to read the rest of the story between Calli and Zach, but just know you don’t have to have read the novella before jumping into this book. L.A. Cotton weaves parts of that novella perfectly throughout this book so you will not be lost.

Calli and Zach were best friends before jumping into more back in high school and then their sweetheart romance fell to ruin. Now, unbeknownst to both of them, they are attending the same university and their lives are intersecting for the first time in years.

On The Rebound walks the thin between love and hate not only for the relationship between Zach and Callie, but all of the relationships in both of their lives. I waffled numerous times on their family members, on their friends, and especially on who they were to each other.

L.A. Cotton is an evil genius on how she toyed with my emotions in this book. I was never all in on disliking any one person because you completely feel for every single person at one point or another during this story. The huge amount of empathy she was able to pull out of me for each character is huge, which made me turn the pages faster and finding a break to even get a snack, basically impossible.

The cat and mouse game that was played out between Zach and Callie was enthralling. Fate is bound and determined to throw them together, which made their game that much more interesting to watch. Unlike some bully books; Zach didn’t set out to destroy Callie, or vice versa, but that tether between them was there so the emotions were still very high, but what I loved most about this book, for all the dark moments there was also a lot of light. There was a wonderful balance that didn’t allow me, as a reader, to fall too far into the darkness and I really appreciated that.

Every L.A. Cotton book I read becomes my new favorite and this has leapfrogged into the number one spot, hands down.


From author of the bestselling Rixon Raiders, comes a brand new college sports romance

An all-new enemies-to-lovers, bully, sports romance from bestselling author L A Cotton

They say your first love leaves a mark.

For Calliope James it didn’t only leave a mark, it tore out her heart and left it bleeding on the ground.

He was her best friend.
Her first kiss.
Her everything.

Until one day, he wasn’t.

Zachary Messiah will never forget the girl with eyes the color of whiskey. But he’s not that boy anymore.

He’s devoid of emotion.

Their paths were never supposed to cross again. But love doesn’t always play by the rules.

Now he’s the King of Steinbeck University and she’s the new girl on campus … and the pasts they have fought so hard to bury are about to collide.

Only this time, they might not survive the fallout

Releasing December 15th! Pre-Order your copy NOW!
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