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Review – Royal Elite Epilogue by Rina Kent

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Royal Elite Epilogue; Royal Elite #7 
(#7 within a series)

by: Rina Kent

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I smiled the entire time while reading this book!! Each couple in the Royal Elite world is highlighted in this amazing epilogue and I was bubbling over with giddiness through the whole book.

Rina Kent takes us through a snapshot in time, through each couples eyes, as they get engaged, get married, attend their honeymoon, and even start their families. This is a precious gift to have all new stories combined in one spot for readers instead of at the end of each book. These are characters that we’ve all come to care about and we can now witness their life altering experiences in one location.

Personally, I’ve always weighed on both sides of two extremes. I’ve been a fan of both funny and dark stories. It’s no wonder that Ronan has been a top favorite of mine in this series, which checks off my funny box, and then rounding out the dark side is Aiden.

Ronan made me chuckle over and over again every time he popped up throughout this book And don’t forget his lady love, Teal, they will forever be one of my favorite couples.

Aiden on the other hand, is so like his father, dark and jealous of everyone who even looks at his woman. He is just melt worthy of how protective he is when it comes to Elsa. I shiver at having that kind of intensity in my life, a good kind of shiver.

Having everyone together in this final book is amazing and fans will love every word.


All five couples of Royal Elite series come to life again in this long extended epilogue.
Levi & Astrid
Aiden & Elsa
Xander & Kimberly
Ronan & Teal
Cole & Silver

This epilogue is set after the end of Royal Elite Series so all the previous books need to be read before this.

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In order to understand this book, read the previous books in the series first.

Royal Elite Series:
#0 Cruel King (Levi & Astrid)
#1 Deviant King (Aiden & Elsa)
#2 Steel Princess (Aiden & Elsa)
#3 Twisted Kingdom (Aiden & Elsa)
#4 Black Knight (Xander & Kimberly)
#5 Vicious Prince (Ronan & Teal)
#6 Ruthless Empire (Cole & Silver)
#7 Royal Elite Epilogue

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