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Review – The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob by Pippa Grant

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The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob; Bro Code #4
(An interconnecting standalone)

by: Pippa Grant

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Pippa is the goddess of funny, there is no denying that fact, but The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob is more than her typical romcom, it is more than a romantic story between a hot mess mom and a hottie pop god, it is a book jammed full of emotion that kept leaking out of my eyes.

Levi Wilson is feeling melancholy. His life would seem practically perfect; he’s living his dream of pop stardom, models dripping from his arms, traveling the world, he’s basically done it all, but why can’t he shake the feeling that something is missing?

Surrounded by his brother, his friends, and even his own mother who is not only dating or found the loves of their lives might have something to do with this feeling, but it also might have something to do with missing these very people in his daily life every time he visits home. Missing his home town is an ache that is happening more and more, but when he meets Ingrid, a woman who runs a bookshop in Copper Valley that ache grows into something he didn’t even know he was missing.

Ingrid is a single mom with three, count them, three children and doesn’t have time for the complication that comes with a pop star’s life. Her marriage didn’t work because her ex was gone all the time, but Levi comes with a whole new set of complications aside from his traveling calendar. What she didn’t expect from Levi was the kind, considerate, nice, funny, and every other adjective to describe the man whose music got her through every rough patch in her life, which makes it that much harder not to fall for him, not the singer, but the man himself.

Can a hot mess single mother and a heartthrob pop star really make it work in the long run or can they just have a fun fling and still be friends?

Filled with Pippa’s comedy there were also many joyful tear filled moments. Those happy tears literally took my breath away and made the entire story so worth while. Levi is everything you were not expecting, while Ingrid’s family is an adorable mess.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'He could have the world. Yet he's gazing at me like in this moment, Tum am his world. the Hot Mess and the HEART THROB USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR PIPPA GRANT'


A rock star / single mom / fairy tale romcom

You don’t know me, but you do know me. I’m your neighborhood hot mess single mom, doing my best to keep my head above water while running my little slice of heaven and keeping my youngest from shoving marbles up his nose, which is exactly what he’s doing the first time Levi Wilson, pop star god, world’s sexiest man, and my all-time number one celebrity obsession, walks into my bookstore.

Related: I’m writing this from beyond the grave, because I’ve died of mortification and am now residing in an alternate universe.

I have to be.

Because Levi Wilson came back.

And we had a moment.

Like, a moment moment. The kind that makes me remember that adult pleasure isn’t all about hoping the lock holds in the bathroom so your kids don’t interrupt on the rare occasion you feel like taking an extra-long mommy-time shower.

So when he proposes a no-strings fling?

Count. Me. In.

Thrill of a lifetime, right?

Surely, nothing will go wrong…

The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob is a rockin’ fun, sexy romantic comedy featuring a celebrity panty-melter who doesn’t know what he’s been missing, a sassy single mom hanging on by a string, three adorable children who would never burst in on a woman when she’s on a toilet (ha!), and shameless ovary-busting moments between a guy who never thought he’d be a dad and a family who thought they got along just fine without him. It stands alone and comes complete with a happily-ever-after (though you’d never go wrong to read the other Bro Code series books first).

The Hot Mess and the Heartthrob is COMING JANUARY 7th!


Image may contain: one or more people and people sleeping, text that says 'She's everything my life. didn't know needed in Now need ro be everything she didn't know she needed. No matter what it takes. the Hot Mess the and HEARTTHROB HEART USA TODAY PIPPA GRANT'

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