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Review – Prince Charming by K. Webster

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Prince Charming; A Cinderella Novel #2 
(#2 within a series)

Publication Date: January 26, 2021

Genre: Dark/Forbidden/Twisted Fairytale Romance

Author: K. Webster

Review Rating: 5 Gold Stars



So, So, So GOOD! Filled with all the cheeky banter and naughty filth that makes this Cinderella series worth reading over and over again.

Winston Constantine makes no apologies for the man that he is, whether it’s in business or between the sheets; he’s hard, he’s ruthless, he likes his Cinderelliott filthy. Lucky for him Ash Elliott enjoys being his dirty girl. Equally matched in spirit and in bed she could be the perfect match for him, too bad she’s just a maid and nothing more.

Ash Elliot knows not to expect a marriage proposal from Winston, but deep down she does hope for more. Falling more for him everyday even knowing that it will end with her heart in devastation when Winston finally cuts her loose. She is fully aware that their relationship is one that has an end date, but until that date she doesn’t want to live in fear, that’s not her style. Ash is bold and fearless, some of the traits Winston likes best about her and she will use that twisted charm to keep him happy and perhaps change his mind.

Prince Charming is so amazingly written, the story is gripping with great moments of levity mixed with lust. One of my favorite moments is when Ash introduces Winston to candy after she gifts him with a handmade coupon book. How many of us have either made one of these or been given one in our lifetimes…probably a huge majority, but Winston Constantine…the concept is not only foreign, but of course the ripple effects of the coupons in this book are priceless. Each of these moments, these seemingly small moments were astoundingly amazing!

K. Webster has fast become one of my favorite authors and this series is one of my top reads not to miss.


Now available for pre-order! Coming January 26th, 2021!!

Winston Constantine is no prince charming…
I crave him so badly I think I might be losing my mind. He’s right in front of me, but he’s just as remote as my dreams of getting away from my stepbrothers. I keep playing his twisted games, and I want to stay just as distant as he is. But I can’t. I never could. I’ve fallen for him. Hopelessly. Irrevocably.

But Winston isn’t a lover, he’s a business venture.

A way for me to pay for college.

A ticket out.

He’s never pretended to be anything other than that.

I can’t blame him for making me fall in love.

There can be no happily ever after between a maid and a prince, no matter what the fairy tales say.






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