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Review – Ancient Enforcer by Katie Reus

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Ancient Enforcer; Ancients Rising #3 
(A standalone within a series)

Publication Date: January 26, 2021

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Author: Katie Reus

Review Rating: 4.5 Gold Stars



This was my first time in this dragon shifter world and meeting Mikael and all of the supernatural beings in this book made this an exciting, fun read.

Mikael and his brothers awoke to a new world, which was very different than when he went to sleep thousands of years ago, but as he acclimated to this new time, he was happy to have a certain female in charge of that acclimation, as she may be his mate.

Avery doesn’t believe in love as she watched her parents marriage fail. When Mikael lands in her life she does her best to ignore his sexy dragon body and it should be easy since dragons and humans can’t mix, can they?

On top of the swirling feelings between them, Avery’s stepmother is on the hunt to kill her, a dark evil is swirling about the city she loves that may be out to hurt everyone she cares about.

I enjoyed the multiple POV’s while reading, it kept the action moving and guided the main characters on their path towards finding their happiness together. It lead many possibilities towards where the next books in the series could go.

This was my first time reading Katie Reus and even though this is book three in the series I had no trouble jumping in and beginning with Ancient Enforcer.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, text that says 'An ancient warrior dragon determined to protect WHAT'S HIS.. ANCIENT ANCIENT NFORCER EN FORCER KATLE KATI REUS REUSREUS REUS'


An ancient dragon warrior determined to protect what’s his…

Former general Mikael lost everything thousands of years ago. His clan, his family, his honor. Now he’s awakened in a new world that has devolved into chaos—fire, blood and destruction. He and his brothers are ordered to live with Avery, a human female, and her younger brothers. Avery is nothing he should want. She’s too soft, too sweet…too happy. But he can’t stop his growing obsession with her.

The human female who threatens his jaded heart…

House flipper Avery is no stranger to heartbreak, and knows that the ones you love most can stab you in the back the quickest. When she’s asked to shelter a bunch of dragon shifters, her instinct is to say no. Until she meets the ragtag group of males who are struggling to adjust to the new world. Against her better judgment, she agrees to take them in. Even if the gruff Mikael has heartbreak written all over him, she can’t help but fall for the sexy dragon a little more every day. But when a threat from her past emerges, promising to tear her world apart, things suddenly change between them. As they race against the clock to save her family, Mikael must risk everything and claim her before it’s too late.

ANCIENT ENFORCER, the third title in the Ancients Rising Series!

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